Sunmarket is a member of Confianza Online

Confianza Online is the comprehensive Spanish Self-Regulation System for Electronic Commerce with Consumers and Interactive Advertising, organized by AUTOCONTROL and adigital and based on the "Code of Ethics on Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising".
This Self-regulation system makes available to users of new media and companies a specific Code of Conduct, the Code of Ethics on Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising, as well as a Trust Seal that member companies may insert on their web pages. to show its commitment to responsibility in its commercial communications and in its contractual transactions with consumers, thus offering greater guarantees to Internet users, which will contribute to increasing their confidence in the new media.
The objectives of Confianza Online are: Increase consumer confidence in electronic commerce and interactive advertising. Offer a magnificent instrument to the responsible industry to show, through its adherence to this system, its ethical commitment to society in its activities of electronic commerce and interactive advertising and, in this way, gather the necessary confidence of consumers in the new media.
Overcome the current legislative fragmentation with global regulations, in addition to providing interactive advertising and electronic commerce with a quick, economical and effective out-of-court dispute resolution instrument that is a useful tool for consumers and companies.
Confianza Online is integrated into the European Extrajudicial Network (Red Axis) of the European Commission.

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