UVA tubes

UVA tubes up to 1000h of duration Offering a permanent performance to the limit!

At Sunmarket we pay special attention to the UVA tubes because they are together with your solarium the most important part of the tanning center. Just for this reason, we have the number 1 brands on the market Cosmedico, Isolde, Heraeus. We work exclusively with BRAND MANUFACTURER direct from the factory getting a more economical price. Ask us we have tubes for virtually any tanning machine.


  • UV Lamps

    In Sunmarket pay special attention to the UVA lamps because they are along with your solarium the most important part of the tanning center. Just for that, we have the brands number 1 in the market as Sylvania Purebronze, Cosmédico and Heraeus. Contact us we stock lamps for virtually any machine of a tan. High quality, best price

  • Ballast

    Ballasts have. for any power installed on your tanning UVA tubes. Ballasts 100W, 120W, 140W, 160W, 180W. ask Us

  • sylvania
  • Cosmedical COLYOUR

    The new Cosmedico COLYOUR range merges a total of eight benefits related to the color of light distinguished in four lamps. The human organism only absorbs from the color energy what it needs in the exposure time. In this way it rebalances existing deficits and restores the harmony of body and soul. On top of that, a unique premium tan is produced during the session.

    The 4 colored lamps in the solarium culminate in a vivid play of colors to provide unrivaled sun bathing and color therapy resulting in a great tan and 8 amazing benefits for body and soul.

    BLUE LIGHT Harmony & well-being. The special characteristics of blue light are used, for example, in the treatment of skin diseases. Blue light improves and regenerates impure skin and also has an antibacterial effect. In addition, blue light gives positive energy, vitality and increases one's own efficiency.

    GREEN LIGHT Tranquility & Relaxation. Green light is the color of relaxation. Reduce stress, while administering new energy. Green light is related to the natural environment and growth, therefore it is perceived as a balance of body and mind.

    RED LIGHT Energy & vitality. Take care and rejuvenate the skin. The energy enters the depth of the skin, where collagen and elastic fibers are found. Red light supports collagen production and improves skin hydration by inhibiting the effects of free radicals.

    YELLOW LIGHT , the energy of the sun. Joy & happiness. Yellow light has always been associated with sunlight, which is why it represents optimism and enthusiasm for life, bringing confidence and creativity. and happiness.

    It is recommended to use the 4 colors to achieve an increase in the tanning effect with the same UV levels, thanks to the combination of their different wavelengths.

  • UVA Tubes per Watts

    Select the UVA tubes by the power in Watts that your solarium needs.

  • Starters

    Specially designed starters for tanning equipment. Starters are an essential element for igniting UVA tanning tubes with conventional ballasts. It is recommended to change the starter with each replacement of UVA tubes.

  • Ergoline

    Top performance of number 1

    Ergoline's trend-setting UV technology makes it number one worldwide. The basis of every UV technology is the UV components in tanning beds. Ergoline's portfolio of UV lamps is tailor-made for the market leading professional Ergoline sunbeds. The joint activities of all research and development departments guarantee the perfect fit of Ergoline UV lamps and sun loungers, resulting in perfect tanning results and satisfied customers.

    The highlight of every Ergoline solarium:

    Original Ergoline UV lamps

    State-of-the-art manufacturing methods guarantee consistently high quality for absolute reliability and a long service life. The JK-Licht seal guarantees certified safety. This way you will receive the right UV and right high pressure lamps for all tanning beds that meet all EU requirements. The JK-Licht team will be happy to help you make the right choice every time!

    Market leaders recommend:

    Ergoline solariums with original UV equipment

    Dynamic Power and Ergoline UV tubes provide high performance, with a lifespan of up to 1,200 hours. This excellent result is obtained by using Dynamic Power in the proper configuration. Improved long mount technology provides optimal cooling. New style jackets, refined phosphor (neon/argon gas mix) and an additional protective coating for the phosphor support this effect.

    The result: a longer life and a better tanning result.
    UV lamps with short mounting technology have also been perfected down to the last detail. Here, too, the protective phosphor coating produces a life improvement of up to 800 hours despite short racks/frames/supports. This means that an optimized tanning result is also achieved in combination with the highly developed cooling systems of the Ergoline sun loungers.

  • Lampholders

    Lamp holders and tube holders for UVA tanning equipment - solariums. If you cannot find the lamp holder model you need, please contact our sales department through our contact form.

  • Tubes Collagen

    The tubes of collagen, are tubes that rejuvenate the skin, due to the emission of a light of 633nm. This light stimulates and accelerates the creation of new collagen and elastin in the skin. See the skin a more youthful, more fresh and without impurities.

  • Tubes Collatan & Rubino

    UV Tubes Collatan: More tanning, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, stimulation of vitamin D, oxygenation of the skin, red-light intense of 30000 lux and a powerful marketing that will differentiate it from its competition, The new technology Collatan combines the harmonious tan with the benefits of light stimulation of the collagen and the great benefits that brings the vitamin D. Thanks to the wide light spectrum between 360 - 700 nanometers which produces a high concentration of oxygen in the skin and creates intense tanning with less UV. To download a tan faster, safer, with anti-aging and also takes care of the inside. Creates an intense tan thanks to the infrared range Provides vitamin D, Less amount of UV = tan equally intense Stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin Intense red light 30000 Lux for an effect of marketing impressive Addition with the purchase of 25 tubes Collatan, we will reward you with a powerful marketing, poster and leaflets to inform your customers. We recommend combining the tubes collatan tubes with UV for a broceado even more intense and, thereby, heed the limitation of 0.3. Please inform yourself of this new tube in our line of customer care to make the perfect combination in your deck.




  • Rubino

    Cosmedico RUBINO UV and red light in perfect combination

    Cosmedico RUBINO has a perfectly balanced spectrum of the effects of UV light and red light for smooth skin and an intense, beautiful tan.

    Its red light spectrum increases UV compatibility and thus the feel-good factor during application. Its balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%.
    In general, Cosmedico RUBINO is visibly superior to a collagen tanning lamp, both in terms of tanning intensity, skin compatibility and the pleasant sensation during and after its application.

    The results:

    • Significantly improves direct pigmentation
    • A gentler tanning process for the skin
    • Intense and long-lasting tan
    • Greater UV compatibility
    • Protection of cells against free radicals
    • Activation of oxygen supply to the skin
    • Stimulation of skin metabolism
    • Soft and refreshing skin
    • High factor of well-being

  • Tubes of NON-Normative

    ATTENTION: These Tubes of tanning ARE NOT in ACCORDANCE WITH THE RULES OF HEALTH 1002/2002. These tubes are used as reinforcement in machines of tan for their technical features do not get a tan satisfactory with tubes of tanning 0,3

    It is very important that you consult our commercial department for the convenience of using these tubes of high power, so as not to exceed the margin of 0.3.

  • Accessories Lamps

    Lamp holders, tube holders, starters, ballasts. All kinds of accessories for tanning booths-solariums. We have all kinds of powers, sockets. If you do not find what you are looking for, ask us, we are sure that we can help you.

  • sylvania
    Each of our products incorporates the decades of expertise that HAVELLS SYLVANIA has to offer. More than 4,000 employees in 65 countries ensure that the entire range of HAVELLS SYLVANIA products always offers the same excellent quality. We are here for our customers every day, easily accessible around the world. High performance and security. PurePower, LongLife, DirectTan and our latest innovation, IntelliSun technology, are the fruits of years of research and development. The latest innovations from the PURE BRONZE brand will ensure that you maintain your pioneering position in the market for years to come. Longlife technology up to 1200h
  • Tan Tubes

    A wide variety of tubes and UVA tanning lamps. Manufacturer brands, Sylvabia PureSun, Heraeus, Ergoline.

  • UVA Tubes Regulations

    Highest quality, best price At Sunmarket we pay special attention to UVA tubes because they are, together with your solarium, the most important part of the tanning center. For this reason alone, we have the number 1 brand in the Sylvania Pure bronze market. We work exclusively with a MANUFACTURER BRAND, which means that the final price is cheaper. Ask us, we have tubes for practically any tanning machine.


  • Cosmedico

    Cosmedico tubes and lamps are the world reference specialist in tanning. To acquire these very high quality products, the minimum order quantity is 25 units and the delivery time is 8 to 10 days.

  • Tubes UVA long life

    TECHNOLOGY LONGLIFE PURE SUN Each one of our UV tubes  long-term guarantee of 70% of the emission after 1000 hours Providing always-on performance to the limit! Tubes long duration not only provide higher profitability to the tanning center, but also throughout the useful life of the tube performance only drops 30% of its initial capacity at 1000 hours, which translates into higher power throughout the life of the tube. Only Pure Bronze Sylvania guarantee the performance that makes tanning salons professionals at the number 1. Your competition will have to make greater investments and also will have a performance of tan bottom.


  • Heraeus
    We have UVA Heraeus lamps and tubes. If you do not find the model you are looking for, ask us because not all the available references are published.
  • Isolde

    ISOLde: the new generation of tanning lamps from Philips

    iSOLde (a Devision brand of JW Sales GmbH) is the exclusive distributor of the new generation of Philips tanning lamps. The company took over the internationally renowned Philips tanning range in early 2009 and has been leading the 25-year success story of the Philips brand into a promising future ever since.

    Our know-how for your safety

    Our in-depth knowledge of the health benefits of UV irradiance in humans forms the basis for the development of our tanning lamps. All future-oriented developments of our lamp technology are constantly based on the latest scientific findings. Users of our products enjoy the highest level of security and confidence thanks to the most advanced materials and reliable quality control procedures.

    Tanning is pure joie de vivre

    Sunbathing lifts the spirits and revitalizes. A lightly tanned complexion suggests and emits an attractive, naturally beautiful vitality. Sunbathing is all about the right dosage, as too much sun can cause long-term skin damage. Tanning on a lounger has one big advantage over natural sun: the tanning salon sun is predictable and the right dosage for a healthy tan can always be selected for every skin type. To achieve this, modern sunbed technology uses the latest photobiological limit values. This advantage puts it light years ahead of the natural sun...

    BodyTone by iSOLde

    The BodyTone by iSOLde low pressure lamp range offers suitable 0.3 lamps for all popular devices. According to the EU directive, the value of photobiological irradiance is limited to 0.3 W/m². New or used equipment can be immediately converted to 0.3 compliance via BodyTone by iSOLde. Our sales team will be happy to help you find the right lamp for your device.

    CLEO by iSOLD

    CLEO tanning lamps are characterized by their high efficiency as well as the stable output of each lamp throughout its lifetime. The results are high reliability and superior tanning results. The CLEO by iSOLde low pressure range is classified into six separate sections, while the complete product lines feature lamps in all relevant performance levels.

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