Tanning Accelerators & SPF

Tanning accelerators, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Soleo, Supertan ... A solar UVA center with cosmetic quality is a successful tanning salon. Along with tubes quality and advanced cosmetic center customers get an intense and lasting tan. Do not let a bad decision seriously harm the image of your business.

Buy online our specialized premier cosmetics and ensure success.

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  • Australian Gold

        Australian Gold brand accelerator tanning number 1 in the market. Australian Gold accelerator tanning, the highest quality of tanning lotions to unique this american brand leader in tanning with UVA in all of the world. For tanning salons that want to dispose of cosmésticos specialized for UVA of great quality so as to provide an intense color healthy tan, with a careful skin hydrated to its customers and give the best image of the brand that you can give your tanning center. With these accelerators will get a tan extremely dark, with the only Australian Gold can provide. Offers a wide range of tan accelerating UVA for all skin type, level of tanning and features. The results: a tan long-lasting and beautiful skin with a beautiful healthy appearance. In addition it also has a wide variety of sunscreens SPF with a fantastic and unique aroma that invites us to apply it constantly. Wholesalers and distributors of Australian Gold in Spain, Try Australian Gold as they inevitably become your fan # 1 If you are a downtown professional aesthetics and tanning, Sign up to get volume pricing

  • Soleo

    Soleo is more than cosmetic for professional centres of a tan. It is a conception of bronzers formulated to achieve the best results of the tan. Present in more than 30 countries all over the world, especially in Europe. All the cosmetics have been created according to the global standards and the use of the best raw materials. The brand Soleo has always covered the needs of the consumer and proof of this is the continuous process of development and innovation of the products it offers. Thanks to the nearly 20 years of experience in the production of cosmetics and innovative formulas, The high quality of its products, its competitive prices and the attractiveness of the packaging along with the best ingredients make of Soleo, the brand with the greatest growth in the sector of tanning.

  • Ofertas
  • Supertan

    Imagine a skin beautiful and tanned. This is how it works cosmetics SuperTan. Super Tan, Super Bronze, Effects Super. Around the world you will find the bronzer that you need in the wide range of cosmetics that offers Supertan. The line of Super Sensations, formulated for intense experiences, as well as the line of Slim Effect, which focuses on slimming and smoothing the skin. SuperTan is more than tanning, it is also an excellent ally for the skin care, because all of their cosmetics contain plant extracts, oils, conditioners and vitamins.

  • Single Serving Packs

    where you want!! These single-dose cosmetic UV, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Cheers, Sunshine, Soleo, Supertan...Easy to carry, convenient format and hygienic. Ideal for customers who want to try different cosmetics. Give them a reason why buy quality cosmetic at a reduced price.

  • AfterSun

    Hydrate, seduce and pamper your skin. Lengthens your tan with the best Aftersun ever created. Sizes of 650ml to give as a gift to your clients after your session of tanning. Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, TannyMax, Mysun The best cosmetic in the service of the professional 

  • Facial

    Pampers the delicate skin of your face with cosmetics specially designed for it. Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, with or without bronzes... do Not use any cosmetic facial. Australian Gold, California tan, Swedish Beauty Create the best lotions in the world for your skin is always perfect. 

  • Sunscreens

    Australian Gold® is the number 1 when it comes to lotions in a tanning salon to use on the sun terrace. In addition, sunscreens for the beach Australian Gold SPF provide a color healthy tan, while nourishing and caring for the skin. A exclusive fragrance that makes everyone, even the kids, love these lotions for tanning. That dry feeling sticky after a day at the beach, it is a thing of the past. Australian Gold SPF make sure that what you carry in your beach bag! We will show you all the accelerators and bronzers with sun protection of Australian Gold to the beach 

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