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By using PULSED LIGHT (IPL), is achieved by the progressive destruction and permanent hair follicles from the treated region. The PULSED LIGHT can be used on any skin type and color (dark or light), any color or type of hair (coarse or fine, light or dark) and in any location body since it is a technique, absolutely painless. The result is a treatment of hair removal great, effective, safe and economic.


  • Gels
    Gel Conductor of high conductivity, IPL, ecg, ultrasound, etc.. Available in different capacities: 20 ml. 260 ml. 1000 ml. (bottle or jar) 5000ml. (also includes: bottle of 260 ml. empty and a funnel for ease of use)
  • Glasses protection
    Goggles that allows you to work in an environment with clarity while maintaining the same levels of security. IMPORTANT: All products have CE Certificate. REQUIRED BY THIS DOCUMENT AND AVOID PROBLEMS IN THE INSPECTIONS OF HEALTH AND CONSUMPTION
  • Lamps IPL
    Lamps IPL. 800 references made in the Uk for almost the whole of the equipment IPL on the market. From only 200€. It is necessary to the expert advice in the purchase of this lamp. Please contact our sales department on the phone 961040660. For designers of new systems of laser or pulsed light IPL, we offer samples of lamps manufactured and designed under the specifications of the client.

    SHR, Super Hair Removal) is a new technology that is used for permanent hair removal. SHR method is the "sweep", which allows the machining is more precise in the area of treatment. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the method of pulsed light, achieving results that are practically painless. In addition, SHR acts directly through the skin in the stem cells that produce new hair.

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