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Barbershop tools , all tools, products and accessories used in a barbershop to offer haircutting, shaving and beard grooming services, and other hair and facial treatments for men. These utensils are essential for the proper functioning of a barbershop business and ensure quality service to customers. Some of the more common items found in this category include:

  1. Scissors : There are different types of scissors, such as cutting, thinning and sculpting, which are essential for cutting and shaping hair.

  2. Razors and razors : These tools are used to shave the face or outline the beard and mustache. Straight razors are more traditional, while razors are usually electric and offer more versatility.

  3. Combs and brushes : These accessories are essential for detangling, styling and shaping hair and beards during the barber service.

  4. Hair clippers : Electric hair clippers are essential for quick and precise haircuts and beard trimming.

  5. Cut and Shave Capes : These capes protect the client's clothing and prevent cut hair and hair from falling on the client.

  6. Hair and beard products : These include gels, pomades, waxes, and oils that help style, nourish, and protect hair and beards.

  7. Towels and cloths : They are used to clean the client's face and neck before, during and after the service.

  8. Aftershaves and lotions : These products help soothe the skin after shaving and provide a pleasant scent.

  9. Sanitizers and sterilizers : They are essential to maintain hygiene and safety in the barbershop, ensuring that all tools are clean and free of germs.

  10. Specialized furniture : Includes adjustable barber chairs, mirrors, sinks and work stations that facilitate the development of work in a comfortable and professional environment.

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