Horizontal Solariums

Horizontal solariums are the complete solution to the tanning needs of your customers. Some of these solariums have new features, increasingly demanded by more and more demanding customers; air conditioning, mp3 music, bluetooth connection, water spray, aromatherapy... tanning sessions that become a whole wellness experience, available in the best tanning centers. Do not hesitate and choose a high-performance solarium for your salon. The best international brands: Ergoline, Megasun, UWE, Hapro, Luxura


  • Hapro Solariums

    Hapro, is one of the largest manufacturers of solariums in Europe and undoubtedly a brand that bets for quality at its best. Solariums of very high quality, with beautiful shapes and excellent results.

    Hapro-Luxura offers different series of professional solariums:

    The Hapro Proline solarium series, thanks to its reduced dimensions, can be installed in almost any space and also bringing professional tanning closer at a low cost.

    The Luxura solarium series is divided into different models: X3, X5, X7 and X10 . Each of them oriented to beauty salons and professional tanning centers looking for professional solariums Luxura the high quality of its components, fantastic tanning results and cutting-edge design.

  • Ergoline Solarium

    Ergoline, are professional solariums, of German manufacture, with the highest quality. Ergoline is the world's largest manufacturer of solariums and exports its products all over the world, including the United States, where it has become, as in Europe, the most valued brand. Let yourself be enchanted by its beautiful and harmonious shapes and high technology, Ergoline is a safe bet.

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  • Megasun Solarium

    Megasun offers professional solariums of very high quality and German manufacture, remarkable results, technological innovation and avant-garde designs that invite you to enter the future. A must-have for professional tanning salons. Choose from the wide range of modern Megasun solariums.

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