The Cosmedico 10K100® and 10K100®PLUS series of lamps are the perfect upgrade for any tanning bed. These lamps offer absolute quality and generate a maximum tan, also in solariums 0.3

Tanning with Cosmedico 10K100® tubes - an incredible experience

With this series of lamps, different skin types (II-IV) develop an instant and long-lasting DELUXE glow. The two main tanning factors - rapid immediate pigmentation and long-lasting tan - are ideally combined. Therefore, when used correctly, Cosmedico 10K100® lamps offer a 10% or more advantage in tanning effect compared to other tanning lamps.

The advantages of the 10K100® range
• maximum tanning effect also in 0.3 solariums
• Fast and long-lasting tan
• high quality phosphor for tanned complexion "DELUXE"
• Relatively short tanning time
• ideal tanning effect for all users (whether light-skinned, non-tanned or pre-tanned)
• bronze intensified with repeated use

The PLUS of the benefits of the 10K100®PLUS
Even more instant tanning effect
Fascinating "GOLDEN TAN"
Thanks to the new mix of phosphor and optimized reflector.
Plus, it offers all the proven product benefits of the 10K100® Lamp Series.

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