Tubes Collatan & Rubino

UV Tubes Collatan: More tanning, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, stimulation of vitamin D, oxygenation of the skin, red-light intense of 30000 lux and a powerful marketing that will differentiate it from its competition, The new technology Collatan combines the harmonious tan with the benefits of light stimulation of the collagen and the great benefits that brings the vitamin D. Thanks to the wide light spectrum between 360 - 700 nanometers which produces a high concentration of oxygen in the skin and creates intense tanning with less UV. To download a tan faster, safer, with anti-aging and also takes care of the inside. Creates an intense tan thanks to the infrared range Provides vitamin D, Less amount of UV = tan equally intense Stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin Intense red light 30000 Lux for an effect of marketing impressive Addition with the purchase of 25 tubes Collatan, we will reward you with a powerful marketing, poster and leaflets to inform your customers. We recommend combining the tubes collatan tubes with UV for a broceado even more intense and, thereby, heed the limitation of 0.3. Please inform yourself of this new tube in our line of customer care to make the perfect combination in your deck.




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