The new brand of hairdressing products inspired by the 50ies will hypnotise you. Equip your salon with barber chairs, styling chairs, backwash units, stools, trolleys, receptions, styling units and many more. Come in our virtual salon and take a seat. 


  • Barber Chairs

    Did you know that the first hydraulic barber chair was invented by Ernest Koken in 1892? Koken was the artist who turned the barber chair into a great masterpiece. Rizzoo introduces its special set of thrones. Discover Kenneth, Grateau, Shacove, Bessone and Guilaroff.

  • Styling Chairs

    Sit down with style
    Sometimes you don’t need to step out of the comfort zone. Make yourself at home because the session is going to start. And since all Rizzo products have their own personality, we introduce just a few to you: Curtis, Brando, Bacall, Dean and Ball. Look for your chair and equip your hair salon.

  • Shampoo Units

    Get your ideas soaked
    Do you know the origin of the word Shampoo? The term comes from the Hindi language, Champo, which means “head massage”.
    Once in a while, our head deserves a moment of peace. Sit down comfortably, tilt your head back and get your ideas soaked. Are you ready for a Champo? Rizzoo introduces the stars of this section to you: Rex, Dren, Milton and Throx.

  • Trolleys

    The magic of the order
    There is no place for disorder in a hair salon. Rizzoo brings you its collection of trolleys so that your business runs on wheels. Store your most precious tools in Brushy, Roller, Soapy and Comby.

  • Reception room

    A sweet waiting time
    A good new look is worth the wait. Rizzoo introduces its reception furniture and waiting chairs. Take a seat, a magazine and wait comfortably for your hairdresser’s call. We are Bazaar, Officiel, Life and Charm.

  • Tocadores
  • Stools

    Par excellence, the stools are the most humble seats. They are simple but practical. Rizzoo adds a hint of comfort, design and ergonomics to the hairdresser working seat. With backrest or without; with flat, rounded or saddle shaped seat. Which of us do you like the most? 

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