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  • GLASSES UVA ECO1 Goggles

    Glasses for tanning with UVA rays economical and reliable. They comply...

    1,60€ IVA incluido
  • Starter 120-180W BodyTone Starters
    Starter 120-180W BodyTone

    A range of premium starters for starting fluorescent lamps that operate...

    1,65€ IVA incluido
  • City 15ml - Soleo Single-dose sachets
    City 15ml - Soleo

    Soleo Citytan accelerator Moisturizing and firming bronzer thanks to the...

    2,43€ IVA incluido

Stretchers - Weelko

Weelko stretchers are high-quality equipment designed for use in therapies, massages, and aesthetic treatments. They offer comfort and ergonomic design to ensure a premium experience for both the professional and the client.

Solariums, Tanning Beds

Sunmarket Wellness SLU, a leading company in Spain, specializes in the distribution, sale, and installation of professional sunbeds and high-quality sunbeds for domestic use.

Aesthetic Equipment

We offer an extensive selection of aesthetic devices and equipment, high-quality stretchers, and modern furniture for beauty salons and hairdressers.


Wellsystem is a hydrotherapy massage device that uses pressurized water jets to relieve stress and relax muscles and joints. It combines heat therapy, pressure, and massage for a revitalizing and therapeutic experience.

Cryo Science

Cryo Science is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality cryotherapy equipment and cutting-edge technology. Their products are designed to provide whole-body, localized, and cryofacial cryotherapy treatments in a variety of settings, from specialized clinics to sports and wellness facilities.