A beautiful and tanned skin. This is how SuperTan cosmetics work. Super Tan, Super Bronze, Super Effects. Everyone will find the bronzer they need in the wide range of cosmetics that Supertan offers. The Super Sensations line, formulated for intense experiences, as well as the Slim Effect line, which focuses on losing weight and softening the skin. SuperTan is more than tanning, it is also an excellent ally for skin care, since all its cosmetics contain plant extracts, conditioning oils and vitamins.

SuperTan is an American brand that was created to inspire. It has been present on the European market for years and has gained a large following of fans thanks to the high quality of its products. Professional accelerator lotions, suntan lotions and after-tan products envelop your skin with great care, and crazy intense fragrances transport you to a Wellness dimension of fun and relaxation.

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