Consumables and accessories

All accessories and consumables for UV RAYS needed on tanning. Glasses, disinfectants, plastic films, mats, disposable, measuring, professional safety glasses... Everything you need in your tanning/aesthetic Center to give the best service of hygiene, disinfection and safety.


  • Goggles

    Our googles for tanning with UV RAYS offer high quality, design and comfort. A wide range of products disposable and definitive, available at Sunmarket, all of them under the EC rules. In addition, with the guarantee of the best price in Spain. If you are a Center aesthetic or tanning professional Center, have special rate discounts by volume, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Film and PortaFilm

    The plastic film solariums, is an almost essential for protection and hygiene horizonatales accessory booths, plus a disinfectant hygiene. Because it is a disposable, the customer can have a personal surface in the tanning tunnel, creating an atmosphere that provides customer trust and confidence in each tanning sessions. Additionally we recommend using the special higinizante for solariums, in other areas of contact, as can be the internal control command solarium.

  • Headrest

    Headrest, essential for horizontal tanning booths, provide comfort in horizontal solariums tanning sessions. Sunmarket head restraints are supplied in high quality and specially designed for solariums, UV resistant and heat.

  • Mats and rugs

    The mats for tanning booths. You can find in our catalog, car mats and mats for vertical single-use cabins.

  • Consumables IPL and Laser

    IPL and laser consumables. You can find in our catalog, conductive gels, accessories for depilation, customer protection glasses and goggles operator.

  • Meters UV

    With the measuring UVA-UVB, special to solariums, you can see the perfect state of the tanning lamps, as well as perform measurements on their terraces to comply with the normative 0.3.

  • Air fresheners

    Air fresheners especially designed for beauty centres and bronzed, with them will create an atmosphere of environments clean and perfumed with natural perfumes.

  • Disposable

    Disposable tanning salons and aesthetics. In our catalog you can find disposable protection for horizontal tanning booths, mats, rolls of paper for stretchers, shot glasses for cosmetic application, disposable glasses UVA, disposable underwear ...

  • Aquafresh and Aroma

    Aquafresh, Aquacool, aromatherapy capsules ... Use the aromas and special water for solariums, available for Megasun tanning booths and Ergoline with wellness systems. The use of conventional water or non-original aromas can damage the equipment and the safety of users.

  • Signage / bonds

    In Sunmarket can find a variety of signage products for tanning and aesthetics and signage regulations RD 1002 / 2002 for professional tanning centers. From bond to posters of regulation cards.

  • Cleaning

    Special sanitizers for solariums. These sanitizers have passed all controls disinfection of bacteria, fungi and viruses. They are specially designed for use in tanning booths, ensuring maximum hygiene. These products are also specially designed for use in acrylic glass and contain no alcohols, so methacrylates and plastics use is not damaged.

  • Hygiene and Prevention...

    Hygiene of beauty / hairdressing centers and tanning centers and protection measures against coronavirus.

    At Sunmarket we know first-hand the hygiene and protection concerns of professionals in beauty and tanning centers in the COVID-19 crisis, which is why we have created a protocol for protection and hygiene in beauty and tanning centers.
    Please contact your Sunmarket sales representative for detailed information.

    In this section we have included some of the hygiene protection products for COVID-19, essential to avoid contagions between workers and customers. And they are part of the protocol of action, in the centers.

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