Professional solariums

With our professional solariums you will achieve success in your tanning business. Whether in beauty salons or professional tanning salons, Luxura, Megasun and Ergoline have been offering the best equipment for years. With a wide variety of tanning equipment for every taste and space.

The most innovative technology at your fingertips, as we have all types of tanning equipment, adapted to different functions, features and reduced or high-end prices. The choice is yours. All our professional solariums are manufactured in the European Union, complying with all current regulations.

In our catalog you will find the best international brands. A professional service with the best solariums on the market. Sunmarket, the key to the commercial success of your solarium.


  • Vertical Solariums

    Tanning centers, beauty salons, gyms, hotels... All of them can make 2 or 3 meters the most profitable space per square meter for your business, our solariums meet all European guarantees in quality and efficiency of tanning. If you have little space and want to offer tanning services with high performance solariums, the winning option is the vertical solarium.

  • Facial Solariums

    Specially designed for facial tanning, our solariums meet all European guarantees in quality and tanning efficiency. With a relatively low consumption, these high performance solariums become the most cost-effective option.

  • Control systems

    The control systems, are devices and computers capable of establishing communication with the solariums, to manually control the exposure time of the sessions. These devices are essential when selecting solariums professionals.

  • Horizontal Solariums

    Horizontal solariums are the complete solution to the tanning needs of your customers. Some of these solariums have new features, increasingly demanded by more and more demanding customers; air conditioning, mp3 music, bluetooth connection, water spray, aromatherapy... tanning sessions that become a whole wellness experience, available in the best tanning centers. Do not hesitate and choose a high-performance solarium for your salon. The best international brands: Ergoline, Megasun, UWE, Hapro, Luxura

  • Collagen Machines

    Colariums, with collagen tubes and lamps, which rejuvenate the skin, due to the emission of 633nm light. This light stimulates and accelerates the creation of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Achieving younger skin, with fewer wrinkles, fresher and without impurities.

  • Assembly of tanning...

    At Sunmarket Wellness ®, we are specialists in integral assemblies of tanning and aesthetic centers. We only provide solariums and appliances with CE marking and high quality. Our solariums are entirely manufactured in the European Community, guaranteeing all quality and efficiency standards. Contact us and trust a team made up of tanning professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

    Call us at 961040660 for professional advice.

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