Vertical Solariums

Tanning centers, beauty salons, gyms, hotels... All of them can make 2 or 3 meters the most profitable space per square meter for your business, our solariums meet all European guarantees in quality and efficiency of tanning. If you have little space and want to offer tanning services with high performance solariums, the winning option is the vertical solarium.


  • Hapro

    Hapro is one of the largest manufacturers of solariums in Europe and without a doubt, a brand that stands for quality in its maximum expression. Sun terrace with beautiful forms, and with excellent results.

  • Ergoline

    Ergoline, German manufacture with highest quality. Ergoline is the world's largest manufacturer of solariums and exports its products all over the world, including the United States, where it has become also as in Europe, the most highly valued brand.

  • Megasun

    Megasun is one of those brands that everyone knows, top quality German manufacturing, results more than notable and technological innovation and avant-garde designs that invite you to explore in the future.

  • iso italy
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