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Hapro Luxura V6 44 XL Collagen & Sun High Intensive E-power

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Collagen & Sun 44V XL
Tanning and collagen in one

Hapro Collagen Sun offers skin care and tanning at the same time. The most innovative tanning technology, also known as 'hybrid tanning'
it is now available to the private tanning industry. This tanning device features Collatan® lamps, an advanced light technology in which red light skin care treatment is combined with ultraviolet light. The Hapro Collagen Sun is more than just a solarium. The benefits of red and UV light combined in an ideal combination for beauty and well-being.

Skin care
The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and strengthening the skin. The tanning process is accelerated because the red light penetrates deep into the skin. This stimulates blood circulation and intensifies the tanning process, leading to excellent tanning results without the need for a higher dose of UV light.

The Collagen&Sun 44V High Intensive solarium, thanks to its collagen and tanning stimulation twist lamps, is a 2-in-1 tanning device. Perfect for all these people who have one thing in common: they care about their body and their health.

Spectacular Luxura V6 44 electronic vertical solarium model with collagen stimulation tubes
Athletes, clients of physiotherapists and beauty salons, hairdressers... all these people have one thing in common: they care about their bodies and their health.

Luxura Collagen & Sun 44V XL satisfies all customers since, in addition to tanning, it contributes to maintaining a necessary level of vitamin D and collagen stimulation.

Solarium with spectacular design of the latest trends. The two doors are light as a feather (they can be pushed open with a finger) and have a much smaller angle of rotation than other tanning equipment.

44 180w power lamps provide a homogeneous and healthy tanning session. Its new control panel with full color touch screen where you will control your Mp3 and its powerful surround sound thanks to the sound around. As an option you will find its renowned Qsens water spray and Xsens, an aromatherapy system that emits delicious fragrances to complete the well-being experience of customers.

Available at our exhibition in Valencia, come and meet her.


  • 44 reflector tubes of 180w (2m)
  • digital timer display
  • Smart touch control
  • Body Cooler 3 adjustable steep
  • Standby inside lighting
  • My Mp3
  • Standard colour: Crystal White
  • Eco Power
  • Collagen stimulation thanks to its special tanning tubes + collagen stimulation.

Luxura V6 is the entry level upright sunroom with a fresh and updated design available in a beautiful crystal white color. For a more exciting look, choose one of three trendy dual colors to underline the V6's high-end finish or upgrade to the glamor edition with extras!

The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for anyone looking to expand their services with professional tanning. The beautiful design features easy-open double doors with small, space-saving turning circles. Another highlight: the interior control panel has a clear, easy-to-use touchscreen for navigating personal tanning settings.
The attractive standby light illuminates the unit during tanning sessions, inviting customers into the V6 and leaving no one in the dark after the tanning session is over.

we like features
The Luxura V6 can be turned into a high-end product just by adding additional features, such as:

  • Ambient FlowLight Panel incl. smart touch control and modern illuminated graphic
  • Xsens, which spreads a pleasant scent on the V6 through body cooling
  • Qsens with 2 nozzles increases the general feeling of well-being by spraying a refreshing mist on the body

more options to choose

  • Speakers
  • My MP3 audio system, with a studio channel, speakers and MP3 connection for individual sound
  • SoundAround Plus for endless possibilities of high-quality audio via the special subwoofer, two speakers, Bluetooth, a friendly SmartVoice that guides you through various functions, four external radio channels and two internal SD card channels with pre-programmed, relaxing music and energetic royalty-free or to program your own playlist

easy maintenance

Maintenance has never been so easy, thanks to the ingenious solutions of the Luxura V6. Acrylics are easy to remove thanks to the unique aluminum click system for easy maintenance such as cleaning acrylics or replacing tubes

By removing the control panel inside the V6 you will be able to access all the electronic components. It is easy to refill the Xsens cartridges and the Qsens bottle*

collagen stimulation

Thanks to the special collagen stimulation lamps, the V6 will achieve a perfect tan along with a stimulation of the collagen and elastin creation process.

The collagen stimulation tubes have a pink appearance once the solarium is turned on, this creates a different and very striking effect that customers are passionate about. A tanning treatment on the V6 Collagen&Sun is ideal for clients who want to use


  • Full audio package: sound around plus + my mp3 + Bluetooth + ambient Flowlight
  • Qsens & Xsens I
  • standard color: Crystal White
  • Twin Color (Crystal white Gold, Crystal Fuchsia, crystal Aqua)
  • Glamor edition: Crystal white Gold and Crystal Fuchsia
  • Changing-dressing room Crystal White
  • Exclusive Package: Qsens + Xsens + my Mp3 + sound around plus, smart voice + ambient Flowlight + bluetooth

Data sheet

Product qualityProfessional
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Quality CertificatesCE
Climate control airNo
Consumption in Kw24/48H
Dimensions225 x 126 x 126 (Cerrada)
Delivery time:Upon request 15-30 days
Equipment typeProfessional solarium
Warranty2 years
Voice guideYes
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Netherlands
Brand SolariumLuxura
Power tubes180W
Control systemOptional
Total Body Lamps44
Transport and assemblyNot included
Shipping labelBulky



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