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Hapro Luxura X7 38 SLI Balance

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Choose from a wide variety of optional tanning features that stand out clearly for high-performance tanning.

Possibility to choose between different versions with 38 or 42 tubes
SLi High pressure square face tanner, with halogen lamps positioned behind a lter Available in 400W, switchable

  • SPr “spaghetti” tubes strategically placed between the tubes to obtain a facial tan and décolleté at a pleasant temperature, due to a combination of UVA and UVB, the optimal combination within the EU standard, switchable
  • SPS focuses on the face. In the SLi versions, the dark blue filter glass allows efficient UVA output for direct pigmentation.
  • BPS filter glass for SLi, which allows to achieve a balance between UVA and UVB until reaching the optimal values allowed by the EU standard of 0.3 W/m2. To achieve additional stimulation of blood circulation, BPS also radiates infrared rays. This will enhance the tanning effect, as well as the instant visual effect in the mirror.
  • HPS filters for SLi transmit a powerful combination of UVA, UVB and infrared. The high effectiveness of this combination will offer an instant visual tanning effect in the mirror.

smart cooling
With Smart cooling, the tanning session starts at a low noise level, as the cooling system intelligently reacts to the temperature in the solarium. The tubes reach optimum operating temperature faster, offering the best possible tanning results and tube efficiency.

CliMax (optional)

As a cooling function, CliMax combines three ways to create the most comfortable temperature during your tanning session.
Conditioned air is emitted between the double acrylic elements of the bed to cool the area where the user is placed. In addition, this exclusive system emits the conditioned air through the body cooler located in the foot area, offering a cool breeze throughout the body. It includes an independent face cooler so that the cooling sensation is complete. The excellent CliMax function emits conditioned air to the facial area. The direction of the face cooler can be easily changed. Both body cooler and face cooler can be set separately, with 8 power levels.

IP Control (optional)

The optional IP Control function allows to maintain the electrical supply of the tubes at homogeneous levels, at the level recommended by the EU. IP Control can reduce the energy consumption of the lamps by 25%, and increase their useful life up to 1500 hours. If the country legislation allows it, the tubes can also be programmed to a higher power level of 0.3 watts/m2 and for UV type III.

Ambient FlowLight complements the elegant styling of the X7. It is used in numerous decorative elements, and gives your sophisticated sunbed an irresistible look. It allows you to choose from 15 flow programs, including beautiful color effects, or choose from one of 30 possible colors.

Ambient FlowLight to highlight Connect line, Center line and Eyeliners
15 flow programs
30 constant color schemes that you can change as you wish

The Luxura X7 is offered in three available colors:

  • Crystal White
  • Urban Blue
  • Havana Orange

For a more dramatic look, go for a high-gloss finish and rich colors with a 3D effect:

  • Urban Blue 3D
  • Havana Orange 3D

The high-gloss coating makes the sunroom's shape stand out, giving it an intriguing three-dimensional feel. Even the grip bar features the same high-gloss color finish, giving the whole package a sleek, high-end look.
If it's an impressive solarium option you're looking for, select the Luxura X7 Diamond Edition model, available in all three color schemes.

  • The entire solarium, including the side decks, features high-gloss 3D coating in the desired color
  • Decoshield polished stainless steel adds that extra touch of luxury and extravagance

The sunbed has an XL and very elegant look. It will not go unnoticed.

we like scent (optional)
With the new version of Xsens III the user can choose between three different fragrances. The client will choose a scent at the beginning of the session, that you can change during the tanning session.
Different selectable aromas:

  • Ocean
  • blossom
  • sandelwood

we like it cool (optional)
Qsens sprays a gentle mist to cool the user. This natural refreshment is broadcast at intervals during the session and can be turned on and off with a touch of the screen.

full color display

  • Smooth and elegant design, very intuitive handling
  • Smart touch menu with easy to understand icons Different functions that you can adjust and choose
  • Easy to access from inside the cab
  • Well protected by an acrylic layer
  • Very bright: the display is easy to read, even with protective glasses

Available at our exhibition in Valencia, come and meet her.

Data sheet

Business relationshipOfficial seller
Quality CertificatesCE
Product qualityProfessional
Climate control airOptional
Delivery time:Upon request, consult delivery time
Equipment typeProfessional solarium
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Netherlands
Brand SolariumLuxura
Power Tubes Base180W
Power tubes top180W
Control systemOptional
Transport and assemblyNot included
Energy efficiency classG
Shipping labelBulky



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