Stretchers and armchairs

Discover the wide variety of couches and chairs for beauty salons and spas at Sunmarket. Quality ergonomic products to provide comfort to your customers.


  • Electric stretchers

    Find the perfect electric table for beauty salons, medical centers or spas. We offer a wide selection of professional quality couches of different sizes and functionalities.

  • Podiatry chairs

    Our podiatry chairs provide you with a more comfortable work and improve the image of your podiatry center. You will find a wide variety of options for your professional practice. We offer high quality chairs at competitive prices.

  • Aesthetic Stretchers

    We offer a wide variety of beauty tables, specially designed for the comfort of the client and professional. Reduced prices and fast delivery. We have a wide variety of options to meet the needs of your aesthetic center. All our stretchers are of high quality and durability and offer you safety as they are CE certified.

  • Massage tables

    You'll find high-quality professional massage and physical therapy tables . Choose from a wide variety of size and functionality options to meet your needs and those of your clients.

  • SPA Stretchers

    Sunmarket transfers the relaxation of spas to a special line of high quality SPA massage tables. The warmth of the wood, the pleasant touch of its upholstery and the amplitude of its dimensions make them key elements that contribute to generate minimalist atmospheres of calm and well-being, which transfer the senses to another dimension of relaxation. Spa beds are furniture that promote relaxation.

  • Pedicure Chairs

    We offer you quality spa pedicure chairs at an exceptional price, specially designed to perform pedicures comfortably.

    In our catalog of pedicure chairs you can find some that incorporate a hydromassage bathtub for the feet. These armchairs are adjusted in height thanks to a hydraulic or electrical system.

    The best furniture for pedicure treatments in your beauty center, being able to regulate the part where the feet rest to put it higher and reach more easily. You can also find leg supports to put them where you want.

  • Massage centres
    Lie down and feel the pleasant massage professionals who perform our massage centres, that will transfer to a new world of comfort and relaxation. Using the best techniques that are used in professional massage centres. So it is only necessary to select the desired program to enjoy this wonder of the technique.
  • Wellsystem

    Immerse yourself in the unique wellness experience offered by Wellsystem equipment, designed to provide deep relaxation and revitalize both body and mind. These innovative devices combine the power of dry water massage and Hydrojets technology to relieve tension, muscle pain and back problems, improving general well-being in a pleasant and effective way.

    Wellsystem equipment has easily adjustable control systems, allowing you to customize the intensity and duration of the massage according to individual needs and preferences. With their ergonomic and functional design, Wellsystem devices provide a comprehensive wellness experience in any setting, be it a spa, beauty salon, gym, or even in the comfort of your own home.

    Enjoy the lasting benefits that Wellsystem equipment has to offer, including increased relaxation, stress reduction, and improvements in physical and mental health. Discover how Wellsystem can transform your approach to personal care and the search for balance between body and soul.

  • Rehabilitation stretchers

    At, we offer you a wide range of professional rehabilitation tables , ideal for physiotherapy and physical therapy treatments in your clinic. Our rehabilitation tables are made of high-quality materials and have ergonomic features and adjustments to offer maximum comfort and functionality in your therapeutic services. With a variety of styles and configurations available, you'll find the perfect rehab table to meet the needs of your patients and therapists. Improve the experience of your rehabilitation treatments with our state-of-the-art professional stretchers!

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