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Luxura VEGAZ 9200 Balance

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Innovative light technology, mind-blowing design and sensory quality, that's VEGAZ.

Technical development resulted in incredible energy efficiency. Clever innovations have enhanced much-appreciated features such as Sound-Around with Bluetooth, Climate-Control and IP Control 2. VEGAZ is MEGA, by the top in terms of size and top performance.

The highlights of Vegaz

1. Colors
Luxura VEGAZ comes in three attractive colors

2. air extraction
There are three versions of air extraction available. In the standard version, the air is drawn from a central point at the back of the lounger, where it is transported backwards or upwards. Version 2 is embellished by means of an attractive air tower. Version 3 offers Air Tower with WRS, which stands for Thermostat Controlled Warm Air Return System. Its status can be monitored at all times by means of the indicator mounted on the Air Tower.

3. Ambient Flowlight
Ambient FlowLight underlines the elegant design of the VEGAZ. It is used in numerous decorative elements and gives the sophisticated lounger an irresistible appeal. Allows you to choose 15 flow programs for beautiful color effects or choose one from a selection of 30 constant colors.

4. Maxlight Premium and IP control 2
Lamp innovation is taken to a higher level with Maxlight PREMIUM lamps, which are groundbreaking in every way. Thanks to the use of a special blue phosphor, PREMIUM lamps create intense blue light within an ingenious light spectrum with an optimal UVA and UVB balance. This results in extraordinary intense pigmentation. In addition, Maxlight PREMIUM lamps produce a technically superior UV balance over the entire length of the lamp, for a beautiful even tan.


This intelligent power control system ensures optimal UV exposure, as prescribed by EU regulations, throughout the lamps lifetime. IP Control extends the life of the lamps and ensures constant optimal output throughout the entire life cycle. In addition, the new IP Control 2 system allows each lamp to be controlled individually, so lamps that are further away from the body receive more power to compensate for the distance. This ensures that every part of the body receives the same 0.3 W/m2 of UV exposure. Furthermore, this results in energy savings of up to 25% for the operation of the lamps.

5. Qsens + Xsens III
With Qsens, a cool mist is sprayed all over the user's body during the tanning session. Tanners choose to enjoy the fixed intervals or manually activate the cool mist to refresh themselves. VEGAZ has two nozzles, perfectly positioned to cool the bather's body and improve their general feeling of well-being.

With Xsens III, three different fragrances can be made available to the bather. The client chooses a scent at the beginning of the session and can change while tanning. Different delicious smells:


6. Climate control
Climate Control allows you to set your preferred temperature, which then remains constant throughout your tanning session.

7. Full color screen
Discover the exclusive full color screen. It is eye-catching and makes you want to browse through its options at once.Smooth and elegant design with truly intuitive handling Smart Touch menu with easy to understand icons. Different tunable features to choose from Within arm's reach within the canopy
Well protected with acrylic sheet Very bright: the display is easy to read, even with protective sunglasses

8. UV-LED Tanning Amplifier
VEGAZ definitely owns the world premiere of UV-LED technology for high-end tanning beds. Specially developed for a massive increase in performance in the decisive light spectrum. The VEGAZ UV-LED TANNING BOOSTER sets a whole new level of facial tanning: a visible and enhanced tanning effect. An additional unique feature of this technical innovation: LED light is evenly and optimally distributed over the entire facial area, thanks to a unique reflective housing.

9. My portal Luxura
Thanks to the clever innovation of a unique new online interface, wireless communication with VEGAZ is the new standard. Alongside software updates, the specially developed myLuxura online portal offers a wealth of data available within a secure login area. This is invaluable for smooth operational analysis, usage and service questions. All important information is ready to be immediately downloaded for drive diagnostics. Available wherever you are, your data is presented in a clear overview of statistics. Simply access the data online or using a local W-LAN.

10.SoundAround Plus
VEGAZ now allows you to play wireless music from any smartphone via Bluetooth. There's even a special place for smartphones in the stunning layout! Just place the phone on the bedside and you're ready to go. Luxura's intuitive display makes music and volume selection a breeze. Naturally, VEGAZ provides full 3D sound stacks and a W-LAN connection for playing Internet radio etc. In addition, the integrated SoundAround Plus includes two pre-installed SD cards.



Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Product qualityProfessional
Climate control airOptional
Delivery time:Upon request, consult delivery time
Equipment typeProfessional solarium
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Netherlands
Transport and assemblyNot included
Energy efficiency classG
Shipping labelBulky



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