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Aesthetic Equipment

Aesthetic appliances and equipment for wellness centres and institutes of beauty professionals. Where you can find: uniforms, furnishings, aesthetics, heaters, magnifying glasses and all kinds of appliances such as diode laser, cavitation and a long list of products targeted at the beauty.


  • Aesthetic Appliances

    In Sunmarket distribute the aesthetic appliances more advanced and furniture medical-aesthetic dedicated to the professional sector of beauty and well-being. We have all the aesthetic appliances of the latest generation for your beauty institute. We commercialize equipment of radio frequency, galvanic, passive gymnastics, microdermabrasion, peeling ultrasonic, cavitation, magnifying glasses, furniture for cabin, diode laser, IPL, SHR, stretchers professional aesthetic centres, spas and physiotherapy centers...

  • Stretchers and chairs

    In Sunmarket we are aware of the needs of each of the sectors to which we turn. That is why we have selected a line of stretchers and chairs adapted to every need: stretchers aesthetics, massage centers, podiatry and pedicure chairs, stretchers and gurneys relaxing spa adapted for therapeutic massage.

  • Furniture aesthetics

    A wide variety of furniture for beauty salons: Designer furniture, technical furniture, stools, manicure tables, stretchers and tabures for aesthetics, exhibitors ...

  • Platforms vibratory

    Our vibration platforms have been selected with a good value, highlighting its high quality, durability and functionality. BH is one of the largest manufacturers worldwide professional equipment for sport.

  • Photo rejuvenation

    In Sunmarket, you will find internationally renowned brands, photorejuvenation machines by stimulating the production of collagen and elatina. Ergoline, Megasun, Seecret ...

    We also offer the possibility to convert your old solarium photorejuvenation machine at low cost. Consult our commercial department.

  • Fitness
  • Nails

    Equipment for polishing and beautifying nails. You can find in our catalog vacuums, lamps, tables, stools ...

  • Wax Heaters and smelters

    We offer a selection of heaters and smelters wax for beauty centers.

  • Lamps and Magnifiers

    Selection of lamps and magnifying glasses for aesthetic center. Perfect for performing facial treatments that require greater vision and facial hygienes or skin studies.

  • Steam and ozonizers

    Vaporizers and hygienes ozonizers for facial beauty centers.

  • Disposable

    In our catalog you will find yourself, all kinds of disposables for aesthetics, single-use towels, pants and bags for pressure therapy, roloos for stretchers disposable paper, plastic film for solariums, osmotic film, disposable glasses UVA, disposable underwear ...

  • HIIT
    The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or interval training high intensity is one of the most effective ways that exist both to improve the resistance to burn more fat. This is because it improves the body's ability to oxidize as much glucose as fat. To metabolize glucose in a more effective will be our resistance to improve quantitatively and on the other hand metabolize the fat that is a burden for the improvement of our performance will make your time that we get down our rate of body fat. As a world first, we present the new machines HIIT BH for installation in the centers of aesthetic and fitness. MONTAJE-CROSS1.png
  • Saunas

    Our saunas are made for intensive professional use and ensure smooth operation throughout the years. We have a wide variety of models in different sizes and designs.

  • Gels

    All kinds of gels, conductive gels and treatment in cabinets professionals of aesthetics.

  • Active principles

    Active ingredients for intensive treatments in cabin, vitamin C, trace elements, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, artichoke extract, caffeine, glycolic acid, special radio frequency, gels, lipolytic, sheets of pure gold..

  • Packs
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