Australian Gold® is the number 1 when it comes to lotions in a tanning salon to use on the sun terrace. In addition, sunscreens for the beach Australian Gold SPF provide a color healthy tan, while nourishing and caring for the skin. A exclusive fragrance that makes everyone, even the kids, love these lotions for tanning. That dry feeling sticky after a day at the beach, it is a thing of the past. Australian Gold SPF make sure that what you carry in your beach bag! We will show you all the accelerators and bronzers with sun protection of Australian Gold to the beach 


  • Spray Gel

    Sunscreen Australian Gold Spray Gel are easy to apply, comfortable, effective, and water resistant, with the fantastic aroma of Australian Gold that will not leave you indifferent. Get the prized golden color you like in only a few exposures to the sun. Available with and without brass immediate.

  • Stream Spray

    Australian Gold Spray. Never before has a sunscreen has been so easy to apply, just spray on your skin, without the need to extend the product with your hands. As effective as any Australian Gold, but much comfortable and fast to apply. No more hands full of cream with sunscreen Australian Gold SPF Spray continuous. Available with or without brass immediate

  • Lotions

    Sunscreen Australian Gold always, as you like, lotions that meet perfectly all the areas of the skin, suitable for very dry skin, thanks to its high content of moisturizing and also indicated for all situations, and that linger on the skin much longer; water, sand, wind, sweat, nothing is too much for Australian Gold Lotion. Of course, with the aroma exclusive of Australian Gold SPF. Available with or without brass immediate. You can also find the special lotion for children, more resintente the water. Available with or without brass immediate.

  • Facial

    With sunscreen Australian Gold SPF facial, you'll not only get to protect the delicate skin of the face of the sun, but you'll get a vitamin extra, to get a nice tan color. Work perfectly in any situation, whether that is resistant to water, sand, wind and sweat. Ultimate hydration and high protection, with the solar Australian Gold Face

  • Sticks

    That easy and comfortable are the sticks of sun protection Australian Gold. A practical and fun-to-apply sunscreen, Ideal to always carry in the bag. always protect your children in any situation. The sticks of Australian Gold are available to protect lips, face, tattoo, scar or any area of the body of small dimensions.

  • Bronzer

    That white we are the first beach days, but Australian Gold has the solution. Why not apply a product with a slight tan color and it also contains a touch of bronzes immediate to enhance your tan twice as fast? Australian Gold Bronzer not only manages to protect your skin but also increases your tan very quick, the spots of the autobronceado are things of the past with Australian Gold. (This is not self-tanner, but if they contain a small amount of DHA for people who find it hard to activate the melanin in the early days of the beach)

  • Accelerators Tanning

    If you are looking for are accelerator intensifier tanning Australian Gold the world leader in tanning, offers a range of accelerators, more spacious and with better result. With an experience more than remarkable in tanning salons professionals, have created a cosmetics of very high quality for use under the sun. Do not hesitate even a second, Australian Gold is your constant companion these holidays, to get the tan that is more intense than you have ever achieved.

  • Prosolaris

    Complete professional range of sunscreens Prosolaris. Provide a color healthy tan, while nourishing and caring for the skin.

    Prosolaris SPF make sure that what you carry in your beach bag! We will show you all the accelerators and bronzers with sun protection Prosolaris.

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