IPL and Laser Lamp

IPL lamps. More than 800 different references for most equipment market including China manufacturing equipment Spare parts for equipment IPL hair removal 100,000 pulses

IPL Pulsed Light and lamps Laser (lamps IPL, IPL flash lamps, IPL laser lamps, lamps photoepilation IPL, Lamps IPL flash, Lamps Laser IPL, Lamps IPL xenon lamps IPL ARC, lamps IPL ARC 40, lamps IPL ARC 45, lamps IPL ARC 50, lamps IPL ARC 55, lamps IPL ARC 60, lamps IPL ARC 65, lamps IPL ARC 70, lamps IPL 9mm. a variety of lamps for most IPL systems (Pulsed Light) and existing laser for equipment medico-aesthetic or industrial systems sector. also lamps China manufacturing systems.

Ask for an estimate for filters Quartz and Sapphire from 500Nm to 1200nm for most IPL hair removal equipment

Also lamps China manufacturing systems. In the market there are countless equipment made in China, in Sunmarket we can also provide parts for this equipment, with quality and durability far superior because our lamps are manufactured entirely in the UK and have the guarantee of the CE mark with 100,000 estimated duration of pulses

Some of the best known brands which have parts:

Luxor Versailles Ramason Quantum Smart Puls Innolight Anthelia Cynosure Apogee Elora Janus Eberlin Aqualight Spectra Quattro Aumas Quick Light Skin Falsh Biomed. (BME) Ariane Toplaser Multilight Cerri Chromolite Plasmalite Cesare Quaranta AFT Synergy Press Monro, Sharplan Resolight ksenon Laserscope Aura Hong Kong Laser Quasar Prodermica Lynton Lumina WaveLight Arion Luminette Record Toltron Etoile Waterlight Luxury Photonova Proestetic Fotona NTC Mona Lisa Mydon Sybaritics L600 / L900 AMT Re Age Avanxel Biopharm Platinium Platinum Light Titanium Light Palomar Jean Klevert General Project Active Beauty Quanta System Crystal 512 V46 Sei Electronics Estelux Epilight Press Excel Photonix Ellipse Active Beauty Deka Energist Lumenis Continuum Advanced Laser Apollo Fairy Lady Thermolase Spectron Epixan Blue Shine Med Op Litron Laser Depitotal Greenton Epilyag Electronica Valseriana Novalight Candela Harmony Coherent Medical Surgical Laser Alma Adron Aria Laser Photonics Technology Luxsano Eu Eu Laservall Chicago Sciton Laser Photonics Chinese Equipment

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