Tan Desire


Perfect care and deep moisturization
Comfortable tanning full of exotic scents. Even more sexy & desirable tan

Exotic fragrances of the Californian Coast. Rich care focused on the anti-ageing effect. A body that enchants with its natural tan shade and healthy radiance.

A new Tan Desire brand will make your American Dream od Californian brown tan came true. You are the star of your life. Feel it on your skin! Give it the top quality tanning cosmetics!

Amaze them and let then stare. This is the ultimate golden tan, made with Amazingly Black bronzers for immediate and long-lasting results. Let the rejuvenating collagen and red & green algaes take care of your skin while you relax during tanning session. The precious mix of golden oils: safflower, kukui and jojoba will take your tan to the next level.

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