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We offer a wide variety of quality barbershop furniture to outfit your business. From barber chairs and vanities and tables to shelves and mirrors, we have everything you need to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere in your barbershop.


  • Carber carts

    Comfort and dynamism is what we offer with our range of trolleys for barbershops . They reflect masculinity without forgetting sophistication and elegance.

  • Barber Station
  • barbershop tools

    Barbershop tools , all tools, products and accessories used in a barbershop to offer haircutting, shaving and beard grooming services, and other hair and facial treatments for men. These utensils are essential for the proper functioning of a barbershop business and ensure quality service to customers. Some of the more common items found in this category include:

    1. Scissors : There are different types of scissors, such as cutting, thinning and sculpting, which are essential for cutting and shaping hair.

    2. Razors and razors : These tools are used to shave the face or outline the beard and mustache. Straight razors are more traditional, while razors are usually electric and offer more versatility.

    3. Combs and brushes : These accessories are essential for detangling, styling and shaping hair and beards during the barber service.

    4. Hair clippers : Electric hair clippers are essential for quick and precise haircuts and beard trimming.

    5. Cut and Shave Capes : These capes protect the client's clothing and prevent cut hair and hair from falling on the client.

    6. Hair and beard products : These include gels, pomades, waxes, and oils that help style, nourish, and protect hair and beards.

    7. Towels and cloths : They are used to clean the client's face and neck before, during and after the service.

    8. Aftershaves and lotions : These products help soothe the skin after shaving and provide a pleasant scent.

    9. Sanitizers and sterilizers : They are essential to maintain hygiene and safety in the barbershop, ensuring that all tools are clean and free of germs.

    10. Specialized furniture : Includes adjustable barber chairs, mirrors, sinks and work stations that facilitate the development of work in a comfortable and professional environment.

  • Barber chairs

    SunMarket and its Game of Thrones: Barber Chairs Inspired by Tradition

    Since Earnest Koken's innovation in 1892, introducing the first hydraulic barber chair, barber chairs have evolved beyond being mere seats. They have become authentic thrones where styles are sculpted and personalities are defined. With over 20 years in the wellness and beauty sector, SunMarket honors this legacy, merging tradition with modernity in every chair we offer.

    • Distinctive Design: From the classic elegance inspired by Koken to contemporary lines, we offer the perfect throne that reflects the essence of your barbershop.

    • Premium Functionality: Designed to be adjustable and ergonomic, our chairs prioritize the comfort of both the barber and the client.

    • Customized Financing: We understand the importance of equipping your business with the best. That's why we provide financing options tailored to your needs.

    • Supreme Quality: Our chairs are crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability.

    • Vast Variety: With over 50 different models, from classic to contemporary designs, we have the perfect chair for every barbershop.

    • Exceptional Experience: If you're looking for a barber chair that offers an unparalleled experience, you're in the right place. Our wide range of chairs is made with top-quality materials, designed to provide comfort and durability. Moreover, we have so much confidence in our products that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to purchase with complete confidence.

    With SunMarket, you're not just choosing a chair, you're choosing a tradition.

    For personalized advice. You can also contact us by email or through WhatsApp, using the mobile icon on the top right corner of your screen.

    The Art of Barbering with SunMarket

    At SunMarket, we understand that barbering is much more than a simple haircut or shave. It's an ancestral art, a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, evolving with time but always maintaining its essence. Each barber is an artist, and each customer is a masterpiece of the barbering ritual.

    Our Chairs are not Just Tools

    They are the stage where this millennia-old dance between the barber and their customer takes place. Every detail, from the design to the functionality, has been thought out to enhance the barbering experience, allowing the professional to work with precision and the customer to relax and enjoy the process.

    With SunMarket, You're Not Just Investing in a High-Quality Chair

    You're investing in a piece that respects and celebrates the art of barbering. Because we know that each cut, each shave, each style is an expression of identity, and deserves to be carried out on a throne worthy of such art.

    The Uniqueness of SunMarket Barber Chairs

    With two decades of experience at the heart of the wellness and beauty sector, SunMarket doesn't just offer barber chairs; we create thrones that blend functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, meticulously designed for the most distinguished and demanding barbershops.

    SunMarket's Choice: Tradition and Innovation in Harmony

    More than two decades in the industry have taught us how to combine the wisdom of legendary masters like Earnest Koken with the contemporary demands of today's barbershops. At SunMarket, each chair is a tribute to tradition and a nod to modernity.

    The Essence of a SunMarket Chair

    Each throne we present is a masterpiece forged through years of experience and feedback from barbering artists like you. From the meticulous selection of elite materials to its ergonomic design, every detail is a promise of comfort, durability, and sophistication.

    Our Commitment to Quality

    We don't settle for the ordinary. We use the highest quality materials and subject our chairs to rigorous controls. And because we have full confidence in what we offer, we guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase.

    Financing Facilities

    We understand that you aspire to the best for your business. Therefore, we offer tailored financing plans, allowing you to acquire the throne you deserve without financial concerns.

    Personalized Consultation

    Our experts are ready to guide you in choosing your ideal chair. Whether you're seeking a timeless or avant-garde design, we're with you in every decision.

    Care and Maintenance of Your Throne

    A barber chair is more than just a seat; it's an investment in art and tradition.

    Here are some tips to preserve its majesty:
    Clean its upholstery gently, using mild cleaners and dry cloths.
    For leather thrones, opt for specialized products that enhance their splendor.

    Inspect and care for its mechanisms, ensuring each movement is smooth and precise.
    Treat them with the respect and care they deserve, avoiding unnecessary wear.

    Cleaning Tips:

    Fabric: Use delicate cleaners and soft brushes.
    Leather: Prefer specific products that care for and protect.
    Vinyl: A damp cloth and mild soap will keep its shine intact.

    Buying Guide
    1. BUZZ GOLD GREEN: A barber chair with a golden chrome finish and green upholstery, highlighting its fully injected aluminum structure and round metal base.

    2. BUZZ ROSE BLACK: Elegance and comfort come together in this chair with a rose gold chrome finish and black upholstery. It incorporates a complete injected aluminum structure for maximum durability.

    3. BUZZ SILVER BLACK: Barber chair with a sophisticated metallic structure in a silver finish and black upholstery, ensuring style and resistance.

    4. BUZZ GOLD BLACK: A design gem with a golden chrome finish and black upholstery. Highlights its injected aluminum structure and superior comfort.

    5. SLICK: Elegance in every detail. This chair combines a robust metal structure with white stitch upholstery, adding a distinctive touch to any space.

    6. TAPER: Timeless design with an internal metal structure and injected aluminum arms. Its black stitch upholstery adds a contemporary touch.

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