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Glutathione 600mg - Antioxidant Solution - Vials - Active ingredients of mesotherapy

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Antioxidant Solution. 

Glutathione Antioxidant Solution plays an important role in the protection of the cell during aging, acting as an antioxidant and at the same time, as a detoxifying agent.

Glutathione's ability to inhibit melanin synthesis makes it an essential component in the treatment of melasma and depigmentation.

Antioxidant Solution

Being a small molecule composed of 3 amino acids - cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine - glutathione is a powerful antioxidant found inside every cell protecting it against free radicals.

This active principle plays an important role in the nutrition regulation of certain cellular events such as gene expression, protein and DNA synthesis and repair, immune response, metabolism of toxins and carcinogens, stimulation of the immune system, and prevention of fat oxidation. In addition, it is involved in detoxification of the body because it binds to toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants and carcinogens and transforms them so that they can be easily eliminated from the body.

The body produces and stores the largest amounts of GSH in the liver, where it uses it to detoxify harmful compounds. GSH levels decline with age, making the body more vulnerable to free radical damage and accelerating the aging process.

This component neutralizes free radicals and harmful peroxide molecules, as well as recharging oxidized vitamins C and E so that the body can reuse them. It is also involved in skin lightening. Studies show evidence of its involvement in the melanogenic pathway and its anti-melanogenic effect.

Vial | 5 ml | 0.176 fl.oz. | Box of 5 vials | Mesotherapy Serum


Revitalizing serum for tired skin and signs of aging.

Apply on clean and dry skin of the face and/or body massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

Product suitable for: Meso Roller, Meso Pen, galvanic currents (iontophoresis, hydroelectrophoresis), radiofrequency, ultrasound (sonophoresis), IR thermotherapy (cataphoresis), electromagnetic waves (electroporation), cryoelectrophoresis and vacuum therapy. Non Injectable

Data sheet

ApplicationMesotherapy Serum and microneedling ((Dermapen, Dermaroller), not injectable
Presentation5 ml vial - Box of 5 vials
Product qualitySterile, high tolerance (no preservatives or additives) Pharmaceutical quality formulation
Active ingredients, valid with dermapen and dermarollerYes
Other application detailsProfessional use
Business relationshipOfficial seller
TagsActive ingredients, Dermapen products, Dermapen active ingredients, dermaroller products, mesotherapy, virtual mesotherapy, ampoules, vials, institute-bcn, microneedling
WarningsNot inject
Quality CertificatesCE, ISO 9001, ISO 22716
Delivery time:In stock
ManufacturerInstitute BCN
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Spain
TypeActive principles microneedling mesotherapy
Chemical compositionAqua/Water, Glutathione, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride



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