Aesthetic Equipment

Aesthetic appliances and equipment for wellness centres and institutes of beauty professionals. Where you can find: uniforms, furnishings, aesthetics, heaters, magnifying glasses and all kinds of appliances such as diode laser, cavitation and a long list of products targeted at the beauty.


  • Aesthetic Equipment

    Professional Aesthetic Equipment: The Secret to Your Success

    Want your beauty center to stand out from the competition? Then you need the best professional aesthetic equipment. At Sunmarket, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge devices, designed to deliver exceptional results and total customer satisfaction.

    Our professional aesthetic equipment is renowned for its precision and effectiveness in every treatment and is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

    Looking to transform your business with advanced technology? Contact us and discover how our professional aesthetic equipment can elevate your business to a new level.

    Key points for choosing the right professional aesthetic equipment:

    • Specific focus: Determine your business needs and choose devices tailored to those treatments.
    • Additional functions: Enhance your customer experience with multifunctional devices.
    • Durability and long lifespan: Our professional aesthetic equipment is built to withstand daily use in demanding environments.
    • Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your devices.

    Ready to leap into the forefront of aesthetics? Contact us and discover how our professional aesthetic equipment can elevate your business to a new level.

  • Nails

    Equipment for polishing and beautifying nails. You can find in our catalog vacuums, lamps, tables, stools ...

  • conductive gels

    High conductivity Conductive Gel for IPL, ecg, ultrasound, etc. Available in different capacities: 20 ml. 260 ml. 1000 ml. (bottle or jar) 5000ml. (also includes: empty 260 ml bottle and funnel for easy use)

  • protective glasses

    Protective glasses that allow you to work in an environment with clarity while maintaining the same levels of safety. IMPORTANT: All products have CE Certificate. DEMAND THIS DOCUMENT AND AVOID PROBLEMS IN HEALTH AND CONSUMPTION INSPECTIONS

  • Wax Heaters and smelters

    We offer a selection of heaters and smelters wax for beauty centers.

  • Professional Cosmetics

    Enhance your professional treatment

    The products of the BCN Pre & Post line are the result of Institute BCN's experience in mesotherapeutic treatments created for professionals in the aesthetic sector. The company applies all its knowledge in professional treatments to this line of products that has a dual purpose: PRE products prepare the skin to maximize the effects of the treatment and POST products maintain and improve its results.

  • Lamps and Magnifiers

    Selection of lamps and magnifying glasses for aesthetic center. Perfect for performing facial treatments that require greater vision and facial hygienes or skin studies.

  • Photo rejuvenation

    In Sunmarket, you will find internationally renowned brands, photorejuvenation machines by stimulating the production of collagen and elatina. Ergoline, Megasun, Seecret ...

    We also offer the possibility to convert your old solarium photorejuvenation machine at low cost. Consult our commercial department.

  • Self Tan Spray DHA

    Equipment and products for self-tanning DHA Afraid of the sun? There is no excuse for not having a tanning service in your center. Now with the spray tan, get a spectacular tan in seconds without UVA rays. Check with our customer service department to get proper advice on which team to decide on.

  • Steam and ozonators

    Vaporizers and ozonizers for facial hygiene in beauty centers.

  • Massage

    The accessories for massages should always be taken into account both for their therapeutic value and for the ability they have to make each moment more pleasant. From stones to practice relaxation techniques through massage to elaborate electrical devices that combine heat with pressure to favor the recovery of muscle injuries, the world of massage products is ready to offer you what you need. Do not forget the simplest items such as scalpel massagers or back scrapers to enjoy great well-being.

  • Gels

    All kinds of gels, conductive gels and treatment in cabinets professionals of aesthetics.

  • Nutricosmetics

    In the current wellness panorama, the trend is to adopt comprehensive care that attends to both the interior and exterior of our body.

    · Affordable and convenient dosage: Our formula requires only one daily dose, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You don't need to remember complicated schedules or take multiple doses - it's simple and straightforward.

    · Proven efficacy due to its richness in nutrients: Each dose is packed with essential nutrients, with a high concentration that maximizes its potential. The high level of nutrients in our formula promotes better functioning of the body, providing complete care.

    · Fast action thanks to easy absorption: Our product has been designed for optimal absorption, which means that your body can take advantage of the benefits of its nutrients faster. This ensures fast and effective action.

    · Pleasant taste: Beyond the health benefits, we have worked to ensure a pleasant taste, making each dose a small pleasure in your day to day.

    · Visible results in the short term: Although the internal changes begin from the first day, the visible results can be seen between 1 and 3 months of treatment. This means that in a short period of time, you will be able to enjoy the tangible benefits of comprehensive care.

  • Spas
  • Disposable

    In our catalog you will find yourself, all kinds of disposables for aesthetics, single-use towels, pants and bags for pressure therapy, roloos for stretchers disposable paper, plastic film for solariums, osmotic film, disposable glasses UVA, disposable underwear ...

  • sterilization and hygiene

    Sterilizers, towel warmers and hygiene for beauty salons, tanning centers and spas and for the aesthetic-wellness sector

  • Furniture aesthetics

    A wide variety of furniture for beauty salons: Designer furniture, technical furniture, stools, manicure tables, stretchers and tabures for aesthetics, exhibitors ...

  • Crioterapia
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