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The products of the BCN Pre & Post line are the result of the Institute BCN's experience in mesotherapeutic treatments created for professionals in the aesthetic sector. The company applies all its knowledge in professional treatments to this product line that has a dual purpose: PRE products prepare the skin to maximize the effects of the treatment and POST products maintain and improve their results.

  •   Mesovita MesoVita is a complex vitamin highly nutritious food that stimulates cell renewal and production of collagen and elastin. The antioxidant formula of MesoVita protects the dermis against aging and damage caused by everyday life. MesoVita combines all the vitamins applied in mesotherapy (A, E, C, F, B-Complex, K with manganese, iron, zinc,...   Mesovita MesoVita is a complex...

    19,98€ 22,71€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    Mesovita 40ml Mesovita 40ml BCN PRE & POST
  •   BCN Cleanser BCN Cleanser is a cleaner foam that balances out the pH of the skin. Contains cleansing agents gentle and non-aggressive. Delicately removes impurities accumulated in the skin and has a high tolerance on sensitive skin because of dermatological treatments. Does not modify the permeability of the skin and is especially suitable before and...   BCN Cleanser BCN Cleanser is a...

    19,49€ 22,15€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    BCNCleanser 150ml BCNCleanser 150ml BCN PRE & POST
  •   Mesocell® The cream anti-cellulite MesoCell® combines powerful active agents selected for their capacity to boost circulation, eliminate fat cells and combat the water retention. The new composition of MesoCell®, which incorporates Phosphatidylcholine and L-Carnitine, it accelerates the dissolution of fats and regeneration of connective tissue,...   Mesocell® The cream anti-cellulite...

    31,40€ 35,68€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    Mesocell 200ml Mesocell 200ml BCN PRE & POST
  •   MesoAge Treatment hyaluronic. The Hyaluronic Acid, the main ingredient of MesoAge, is a natural component of the skin that retains water molecules and fills in the wrinkles gradually With the passage of time, natural levels of Hyaluronic Acid decrease dramatically, which causes loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles and dehydration of the skin. MesoAge...   MesoAge Treatment hyaluronic. The...

    20,57€ 23,38€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    Mesoage 40ml Mesoage 40ml BCN PRE & POST
  •   MesoBlanche The cream despigmentante MesoBlanche combines different active agents that act on the natural cycle of skin pigmentation, softening the appearance of pigmentation -sun spots and aging of the face and body and unifying the skin tone. Agents are natural exfoliants that contains along with the ingredients inhibitors of melanin as the Acid...   MesoBlanche The cream...

    23,41€ 26,60€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    MesoBlanche 50ml MesoBlanche 50ml BCN PRE & POST
  •   BCN HEALpost microneedling care BCN Heal is a cream specifically formulated for use after mechanical aesthetic procedures that can produce alterations in the skin, such as dermopuncture or microneedling, among other treatments. Its formula contains olive oil, panthenol, bisabolol (chamomile extract), hyaluronic acid and gotu kola, among other...   BCN HEALpost microneedling care BCN...

    31,40€ 35,68€
    Delibery: 24/48h
    BCN HEAL - post microneedling care BCN HEAL - post microneedling care BCN PRE & POST
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