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Presentation of device and functions
This device uses microcomputer control technology, with images and terms that make it easy to use. It combines dozens of functions, in order to satisfy the needs of treatments carried out in beauty institutes.


YO . High Frequency Principle
The main contribution of high-frequency to aesthetics is in its power to sterilize the skin and accelerate wound healing. Likewise, it is very effective in the treatment of spots, blackheads, acne...
These are currents of high voltage and low intensity.
The accessory includes the high frequency electrode holder and the glass tube (electrode). The glass electrode is filled with helium gas and neon gas that can generate blue or pink light.
This light can make the blood vessel dilate and shrink, ionize oxygen with ozone thereby to improve blood circulation, achieve sterilization and decrease inflammation.


The ultrasonic instrument has two kinds of waves:
1. Continuous wave: this kind of wave is continuous and the intensity is fixed.
This kind of wave is uniform and the heat production is normal.
2. Pulse wave: This kind of wave is intermittent.
The pulse emission time is very short. The ultrasonic function is suitable for any nature of skin problem, with simple and easy operation, it is the common instrument among aesthetic professionals.

Ultrasonic functions can help the human body to absorb ultrasound, transfer the energy into heat energy. This provides stimulation for human skin, accelerates metabolism, diffuses blood and lymph, activates inner deep cell regeneration, and improves the defense system.


High Power Spot Remover is by high frequency electricity coagulation, drives epidermal cell necrosis, which can instantly remove all kinds of spot on both face and skin surface, such as age spots, freckles, granules, tattoos, moles, etc.


I. Principle of Operation
Microdermabrasion exfoliates the top layer of the skin using genuine diamond crystals to remove the top layer while removing dead skin cells in a controlled and safe manner. Unlike traditional dermabrasion, the Diamond Head does not lose crystals or other abrasives that can cause irritation or skin reactions.
In addition, this innovative device provides a hypoallergenic treatment due to the use of diamond crystals to perform a perfect exfoliation treatment for each area of the skin.
After each treatment, you will already begin to notice the effects of smoother, cleaner skin.
When used regularly, this system works on all skin types and can be used on the face, neck, or all over the body for a more youthful appearance.
The results are visible immediately.


Galvanization improves the ability of active molecules to penetrate the surface of the skin. Its benefits are many and of great importance:
Increases the absorption capacity of the skin, minimizes wrinkles and normalizes the skin.
Electronegative and positive charge and hydronium are used for concatenation and for driving safety at entrances and exits.
It allows the deep penetration of the active principles with special application for Iontophoresis and descaling.


Working Principle Use the high-speed rotating brush to exfoliate both face and body to improve blemish removal and treat wrinkles. Being different from a medical treatment, this brush
Attached rotary provides thorough exfoliation and gentle stimulation safely, providing a radiant expression without skin damage.


- Accelerates blood circulation and maintains water in cells.
- Expands the pores and cleanses in depth.
- Eliminates redness

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