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GLOBUS G300M-2 Pressure Therapy

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GLOBUS® Prestherapy G300M-2

ProfessionalPressotherapy always at hand. Three different programs for health, wellness, beauty and relaxation.
Powerful and easy to use, PressCare G300M, a lightweight and portable device. It offers professional performances.

Includes 2 boots available in 3 different sizes.

GLOBUS Pressotherapy: includes equipment plus 2 boots available in 3 different sizes.

Size S: 74,5x62cm

Size M: 88x70,4cm

Size L: 98x76cm

Model with 3 programs of the new Globus pressotherapy line, suitable for medical, wellness, beauty and relaxation needs.

Professional device indicated for: lymphedema, vascularization, heavy limbs, drainage, swollen legs and arms, water retention, immobility edema, cellulite, massages, lymphatic drainage, hematomas, etc.

3 Programs for wellness, beauty and relaxation divided into:

Mode A: the program sequence inflates and deflates the leg chambers one at a time, starting at the lowest area (foot or hand) and reaching the highest area.

Mode B: the program sequence inflates two chambers at a time, simulating the function of a manual massage.

Mode C: the program sequence exerts pressure starting from the feet and keeps the chambers inflated until the whole leg (or arm or abdomen) is inflated up to the groin.


- 3 programs

- 2 outputs

-Mains power supply 220V 50/60 Hz

- Pressure: 0 ~ 180mmHg (+/- 10%)

- Timer up to 99 min.

- Weight: 2.4 kg

- Dimensions: 185 x 140 x 190 mm.

-Backlit display

-Timer up to 99 minutes

-Compliance with the requirements of the Medical Device Directives (93/42 / EEC 47/2007 / EEC)

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TypePressotherapy - Aesthetic appliances
Energy efficiency classC
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