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Electrostimulation EMS 4000

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High energy electromagnetic wave technology

The use of EMS electrostimulation (High Energy Electromagnetic Wave Technology) consists of applying deep electrical microstimulation very similar to the impulses emitted by the central nervous system to control muscle actions and thus cause contractions and expansions of muscle tissue.
This causes the muscles to expand and contract, just like doing extreme physical training. In this way, the internal structure of the muscle is deeply remodeled, that is, a growth of myofibrils (muscular enlargement) is carried out in an organic way and the production of new protein chains and muscle cells (hyperplasia) such as those produced by the muscle is stimulated. intense exercise resulting in an increase in muscle density and volume.

Limit muscle contraction of 100% thanks to EMS technology consumes a large amount of fat. The calories that the body does not consume are transformed into triglycerides, fatty acids that accumulate in large quantities in fat cells (adipocytes). These stored fatty acids will be consumed later when physical activity increases through a process in which the adipocytes will undergo apoptosis where the normal metabolism of the body will eliminate them naturally.

-Probes (two pieces)
-3 fastening belts

Product available at the end of July 2022

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