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i-Medstetic Multifunctional Tower 9-in-1 Aesthetic Treatment Device

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9 in 1 Multifunction Tower

This device uses microcomputer control technology, with images and terms that make it easy to use. It satisfies the needs of treatments carried out in beauty institutes.

Simplicity and practicality for a team that has everything. The 9-in-1 multifunction tower is designed to facilitate the professional's work and improve patient care.

This tower has the essential tools for cabin treatments. Organization of the work space and maniples available at all times.

The functions it incorporates are:

Digital facial steamer:

  • Accelerate blood circulation and keep the water in the cells.
  • Expands the pores and cleanses in depth.
  • Eliminates redness

magnifying lamp:

With 3 diopters of magnification + 8 diopters in the sub loupe, 180° hinged cover and arms with anti-pinch design and ON/OFF switch for one-hand operation.

Spray and Suction

It is a piece of equipment with 2 functions: a spray tank for facial tonic and a suction handle for removing waste.

The Spray function is used to spray toner or other product
with active principles on the face. This allows a homogeneous diffusion of the product and improves the effectiveness of the treatment, reducing inflammation and redness of the skin.

The suction function is used by generating a controlled and continuous vacuum over the area to be treated. Through different heads it allows the extraction of blackheads and the cleaning of pores and skin residues.

Stimulates microcirculation and regenerates collagen and elastin fibers. Reduces flaccidity and allows to shape the face.
Our Spray equipment has 2 easily interchangeable spray tanks and 3 suction heads of different sizes to comfortably work on different areas of the skin.

High frequency

It is a facial treatment with electrodes that generate high frequency currents and transform oxygen (O2) into stimulating ozone (O3). It can be used with two types of treatment: direct and indirect (in which the patient must hold a passive electrode). In both cases, the electrode is slowly approached to the skin with small circular movements.

It is used for its antibacterial action on the skin, to close open pores with the vaporizer, to reduce inflammation and redness, and to treat acne. Eliminates bacteria and disinfects thanks to the formation of ozone, which has germicidal and antiseptic properties.

Increases cell nutrition and oxygenation and should be done on clean, completely dry skin, without applying any product.
Our team has 4 types of glass electrodes of different shapes that contain argon gas inside. These produce a bluish light when the high frequency current is generated.


It is a painless and non-invasive treatment with high frequency sound waves. The professional applies the waves to the patient using a small diameter head using slow, circular movements in the area to be treated.

It is used to treat cellulite, varicose veins, localized fat accumulations, acne, edema, scars, stretch marks, etc. The treatment promotes increased oxygenation of the skin and the formation of collagen. Improves blood circulation and provides muscle relaxation. Activates skin permeability, helping to enhance the action of creams or lotions applied during treatment.

Our equipment works with an ultrasound frequency of 1MHz and has a body probe, a face probe and an eye probe along with 3 types of work wave: continuous, discontinuous and pulsed.

includes face probe and eye probe. 3 types of work waves: continuous, discontinuous and pulsed.

Exfoliating Ultrasonic Peeling

It is a painless and non-invasive facial hygiene and regeneration treatment. To do this, a spatula is used that acts with high-frequency vibration and with which an exfoliation and a massage is performed on the face.

It is used to exfoliate and deep clean the face. Removes impurities from the pores and dead skin cells, removes blackheads and excess oil, and illuminates and evens out the skin tone. It also helps stimulate collagen synthesis and promotes skin regeneration.

In addition, by inverting the position of the spatula we perform a vibratory massage, which helps to penetrate the cosmetic products applied in the treatment and enhances its effects.
With this treatment, two functions are performed: exfoliate the skin in depth and improve cell regeneration.

Our equipment works with an ultrasound frequency of 25kHz-27kHz and thanks to the 6 piezoelectric sensors included inside the spatula, it allows 8 hours of continuous work. It has 3 types of work wave: continuous, discontinuous and pulsed.

Galvanic current

It is a painless and non-invasive facial treatment. Two probes with different polarity are used at the same time, generating a low intensity current flow between them.

It is used on clean, dry skin for descaling or ionization (penetration) treatments. Depending on the polarization selected and the treatment to be carried out, a lotion of a certain PH should be applied to achieve a
vasoconstriction (release of subcutaneous residues and fat deposits) or vasodilation (penetration of the applied product, cream or lotion).

Our equipment has 2 double "stick" probes and 2 roller probes that are applied to the face at the same time, without the need for the patient to hold any element. You can select the polarization of one of the probes, working the other with the opposite polarity. The equipment allows the possibility of selecting between three types of skin: very sensitive, sensitive and normal.

Brush - Rotating brush

It is a piece of equipment for cleaning and exfoliating the skin through the use of brushes of different sizes and materials mounted on a rotating handle.

It is used for the elimination (through mechanical exfoliation with a brush) of dead cells and existing dirt on the outer layer of the skin, generated by sweat, makeup and existing particles in the environment that accumulate day after day.
In addition to the exfoliating treatment, you get a pleasant massage that stimulates blood circulation.

To start working you have to select the right brush, moisten it and apply the exfoliating cream.
Our team has 6 brushes of different sizes and materials and with adjustable speed and direction of rotation.

It includes:

  • digital facial steamer
  • LED magnifying lamp
  • Ultrasound
  • scrub
  • High frequency
  • rotary brush
  • galvanic current
  • Spray
  • Suction


  • Power: 900W
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Weight: 27.7kg
  • Net weight: 27.7kg
  • Gross Weight: 35.2kg


  • -2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • -2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
  • -2011/65/EU Rohs

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Quality CertificatesCE
TrainingEmail help or training in our facilities
Warranty2 years
TypeProfessional Aesthetic Equipment