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SMILING WHITE Teeth Whitening Strips

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NIGHT "The new strips dental whitening night!"

Teeth whitening comfortable and secure in the comfort of your own home or you can use them in any site, since they are not visible. So effective you see results in just 3 uses continuing. The formula adhesive of adhesion, it allows a setting of 6 to 8 hours, therefore, it is recommended to use at night while you sleep. And without harsh peroxides.

COMFORTABLE TO USE You can use them in any site

Regularly use the whitening strips every three months to get a whiter and brighter smile. Thank you for selecting the whitening strips NIGHT.


Questions and answers:

1.-How do you make the whitening strips NIGHT for tooth whitening? The whitening strips NIGHT they are soft and sticky, with a layer of gel whitening. Once adhered easily to the teeth it produces a large amount of bubbles, this is oxygen organic reagent which acts on the enamel by cleaning the pigments and stains, whitening as well teeth.

2.-Can the whitening strips NIGHT damage the enamel? The main ingredient of the strips NIGHT, is the Chloride of Sodium that is used by most of the dentists. Not hurt the gums or damage the enamel, a number of tests and practices show its effectiveness and security. Does not contain peroxides.

4.-Can I swallow saliva while I use strip whitening NIGHT? Yes, you can swallow saliva during use, there is no side effect for it.

5.-What is the effect of whitening strips NIGHT? Basically 90% of the users is able to notice the whitening effect after a single use. The effect of the whitening will depend on the level of discoloration, and be able to use the strips of whitening agents to reach the target desired. We recommend the use of a Kit of whitening strips, and repeat every three months to get a whiter and brighter smile.

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