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Team occasion, virtual mesotherapy 3-in-1 with functions of ultrasonic hammer and cold


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Virtual mesotherapy without needles + Ultrasonic


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Virtual mesotherapy: The Virtual Mesotherapy consists in that the active principles are sterile are vehiculizados through the dermis thanks to the change of polarity of the cell membrane which induces the application of the electrode.

Results: Regenerates tissues. Combat the sagging of facial or body. Attenuates the expression marks and small wrinkles.

Applications: Face and Body: Promotes the penetration of active principles. Attenuation of expression marks. Reduction of accumulations of fat. Deep hydration and regeneration of the skin. Attenuation of cellulite regaining elasticity and brightness. Reaffirmation of the skin to combat the sagging. Activation of blood circulation.

Ultrasounds: ultrasounds were introduced in the field of aesthetics in the 80s and have become a treatment in great demand thanks to its great outcomes in the care of the skin and its rapid effects.

Mechanism: The device emits a mechanical vibration of 300 million times per second to achieve the massage intensive skin and cells, which results in an immediate improvement of the cell metabolism and blood circulation, in addition to promoting in a great extent the absorption of nutrients.

Thermal function: heat of ultrasound improves vascular function and metabolism, increases blood circulation and produces a calming effect that relieves pain. It also has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the body.

Function chemistry: the ultrasonic wave has a stimulating effect and speeds up the metabolism. You can also modify the pH of the skin to improve its alkalinity, which favors absorption of treatments and increases the effect of the same. Effects of the ultrasonic treatment: Attenuation of red marks capillaries.

Scar removal: the ultrasound not only break the tissue, blood dried it stayed on the skin, but also improves the metabolism and blood circulation, thus eliminating marks and scars. The results significantly improve if you are combined with skin treatments specific. Recommended 10 sessions of treatment every 2 days.

Removal of excess pigment in the skin: for the removal of excess pigment, it is recommended to combine the ultrasound application with a cream rich in vitamin C. The results are already visible in the 3rd session, although it is recommended to complete the treatment with 10 to 40 sessions, depending on each particular case.

Stain removal hypodermic and excess pigmentation: the ultrasound helps break down the cell membrane of the stain and to prevent their formation. It is recommended that a treatment of 10 sessions, and a break of 1 week before starting a new treatment.

Elimination of fine lines, blood coagulation and skin tightening: through the application of massage with ultrasonic, on the one hand, by altering the membranes of the cells, hypodermic, and on the other it promotes the blood circulation and the metabolism. In this way, we are able to eliminate fine wrinkles, traces of clotted blood lodged in the skin or scars.

Elimination of bags and dark circles: through the application of massage with ultrasound promotes the circulation of blood and lymph, it also manages to break down the fat and enhance the absorption hypodermic thanks to the thermal function. In this way, it eliminates excess water and fat accumulated to make disappear the dark circles and bags around the eyes. With the hand-piece suitable, you must apply the massage in the same direction of the texture of the skin. At all times avoid touching the eyeball, or apply a massage on the top part of the eye.

Healing of scars or swelling: to apply the ultrasound along with another cream curative action on the skin area affected for about a minute.

Handpiece Hammer of cold: The hand-piece of cold is designed and manufactured with the latest advances in technology. In addition, it has been manufactured to be reliable and safe. It helps to calm the skin after the application of a treatment. It helps to calm the skin of a sensitive nature.

Technical parameters: Voltage: 110-240V Frequency: 50/60HZ Power: 60 W Includes: Computer.

Handpiece Ultrasonic. Hand-piece of Mesotherapy. Handpiece Hammer cold. Hand-piece of Mesotherapy Body.

Power Cable. 2 Fuses (2A). Manual of instructions.