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Electronic Beauty Instruments of varguardia We have all the aesthetic appliances of the latest generation for your beauty institute. Phototherapy, cavitation, mesotherapy, pressotherapy, IPL hair removal, Laser. Choose the aesthetic appliances that suits you according to the needs of your center.


  • Equipment SHR ®

    What is SHR? SHR means Super Hair Removal, a new technology that is used for permanent hair removal.

    SHR is "inmotion", which allows for machining more precise of the treatment area. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the method of light pulsing achievement of results practically painless. In addition, SHR acts directly through the skin to the stem cells that produce new hair.

    What is SHR ®? The equipment SHR are the latest innovation in permanent hair removal SHR means Super Hair Removal, a new technology that is used for permanent hair removal. SHR method is the "sweep", which allows the machining is more precise in the area of treatment. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the method of pulsed light, achieving results that are practically painless. In addition, SHR acts directly through the skin in the stem cells that produce new hair.

    The head SHR applies a large pulse rectangular full-spectrum light over the surface of the skin. The energy travels through the epidermis and the dermis, without causing damage, until you reach the hair follicle, which contains a sheath and a bulb rich in melanin. The melanin in dark absorbs the light, so that in little time your temperature rises, thus destroying the producing cells of hair that are found around the follicle.

    This process produces no damage outside the area of the follicle because the heat is not maintained. Main advantages for the professional Technology in motion (sweeps) allows you to make treatments comfortable for the patient, virtually painless and without the need of anesthetics or gels numbing permanent Reduction of hair on all skin types, even the skins freshly tanned.

    Low cost per session = most cost effective treatments More quickly in the sessions, Clients/patients more contestos Key advantages for patients/clients Treatment very comfortable with virtually no discomfort permanent hair Reduction effective Few or no side effects Equipment SHR is A revolutionary system of permanent hair removal high frequency that runs at 10hz, this system allows you to perform sessions for sweeps, more effective, faster and with no or little discomfort. Technology for permanent hair removal fashion that more success is having. Combining the laser technology and the benefits of the pulsed light pulsed 10hz getting results with virtually no pain.

    Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. Double applicator Equipped with an applicator of IPL conventional, for skin rejuvenation, remove wrinkles, elimnar pigments, dispel freckles,cure vascular lesions (telangiectasis) removal Applicator SHR for hair removal safer, more effective, and faster even on tanned skin.

    How does it work? How safe is it? With SHR puts an end to a phase of hair removal in which only persons of white skin (phototypes I and II), and hair black-they were able to get a permanent removal of such hair. Laser systems traditional attack the melanin, thereby destroying the dark hair, but as the melanin is also in the skin, it is not advisable to use on dark skin (phototypes III, IV, and V) because burns can occur. The System SHR avoids this obstacle, since the energy emitted does not have as a target the pigment, but its aim is to heat up the hair follicle to a sufficient temperature as to destroy it, hence, it does not import the color of the hair (provided that it is not cano or lighter than the skin) and can be applied to all skins, even in the newly tanned. Registered trademark SHR ® SHR is a registered trademark in Spain for Sunmarket. In no case is allowed the use of the mark SHR equipment hair removal without the prior authorization of the owner of the trademark SHR, Sunmarket Wellness. If you are the owner of a team called SHR without documentation of authorization for the use of the mark. Contact Sunmarket Wellness to address the documentation needed for their commercial exploitation.

  • IPL Equipment
    By using PULSED LIGHT (IPL), is achieved by the progressive destruction and permanent hair follicles from the treated region. The PULSED LIGHT can be used on any skin type and color (dark or light), any color or type of hair (coarse or fine, light or dark) and in any location body since it is a technique, absolutely painless. The result is a treatment of hair removal great, effective, safe and economic.
  • Cavitation
    Ultracavitation is a non-invasive technique for body shaping by reducing volume, eliminating cellulite and deposits in the fatty tissues located. It is a treatment indicated for those people who want to improve the appearance of your body without having to go to the quirofáno. Achieving exceptional results from the first applications. The ultracavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to produce pressure and temperature changes in the fatty tissue.
  • Radio frequency
    The radio frequency works through electromagnetic waves that are able to travel through the vacuum. Consist of electric load and magnetic with a thermal effect internal, based on the diaternia, produced on the tissues and molecules by vibration. With this thermal effect internal, cellular physiological functions are reactivated and induces a vasodilation intense which results in a biostimulation with increase of the microcirculation to blood, reabsorption of retained fluids and effects of using analgesics, among others.
  • Equipment Pressotherapy
    The pressotherapy is a compression system pneumatic specially designed for the effective treatment of various disorders of the lymphatic system and circulatory. Combine our equipment pressotherapy with other treatments, such as cavitation to achieve exceptional results. We have the largest online catalog of equipment of presotherapy existing in the market.
  • Equipment Criolipólisis
    The Criolipólisis is a procedure that delivers cold in a controlled manner to reduce localized fat gently and effectively
  • Multifunction Devices
    The Teams combined aesthetic, incorporate different treatments in just a computer, take up much less space and are more comfortable working, because they reduce the session time by not having to change apparatus, with the consequent image of professionalism offered to its customers. These teams can not miss in the specialized centers of beauty, as with them, it saves money, time and improve quality.
  • Laser lipolytic
    The laser Lipolytic is a low level laser designed to break down the body fat and as a method to tone the skin without surgery. .
  • Laser diode
    The laser diode is characterized mainly by having a longer wavelength, so that this laser penetrates more in the skin, it is especially indicated for skins darker or hair more thick and deep.
  • Virtual mesotherapy
    VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY consists in that the active principles are vehiculizados through the dermis thanks to the change of polarity of the cell membrane which induces the application of the electrode. The applications are the same and the results are similar; regenerates tissues, combat the sagging of facial or body, and attenuates the expression marks and small wrinkles.
  • Electrostimulation
  • High-Frequency
  • Laser removal tattoo
  • Microdermabrasion
  • HIFU
  • Endermología Vacuum
  • Dermoplastia
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Phototherapy