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This radiometer UV is a UV sensor semiconductor with a spectral domain from 280 to 400 nm.
In this domain measured the total dose of UVA and UVB radiation in mW/cm2.

Perfect for the control of emissions UV solariums professionals and the control of the limitation of 0.3



Turn the hole of the sensor that is located on the top panel directly above the light source UV.
Press the black button on the meter and hold it. Now read the measured value.



Domain uv: 0 - 199,9 mW/cm2 total
UV measurement range : 280 - 400 nm (UV-B and UV-A)
Ambient temperature :0°C-48°C(32°F-120°F)
Moisture aireDifusor :5%-90% relative humidity of the air
Accuracy : ± 5% with respect to the standards, NIST (NBS)
Power :battery 9V dc
Lens : Lens acrylic UVT 0.30
Diffuser : Teflon virgin .010

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Quality CertificatesCE
Delivery time:Upon request 15-30 days