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Ergoline Sun Angel Spectra

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The Sun Angel uses the biopositive effects of different light spectrums and fights winter fatigue with bright light.

With four sun and light programs and the intelligent skin sensor, the sun angel is as individual as you are. The innovative lighting technology is the winner of the FIBO Innovation & Trend Awards 2020 in the Lifestyle, Life Balance and Wellness category.

Sun Angel Spectra

It is the only lounger in the world with an integrated skin sensor, with a beautiful tanning result. For the first time with the introduction of Spectra, the UVA dose is infinitely variable and can therefore be precisely tailored to the individual user's measurement results. This remains constant throughout the tanning session.
The tanning result is more effective, especially for lighter skin.

The UV of the Sun Angel Spectra is complemented by Beauty for skin care.
This new holistic light application, "Beauty Sunshine" prepares the skin for tanning and provides effective skin care during and after the tanning session for a natural tan and fresh complexion. Bright light is a great energy booster and antidote to the winter blues.

Use the biopositive benefits of different light spectrums as well as bright light to combat the winter blues.

With 4 different programs, Sun Angel is as individual as its customers:

"Pure Beauty" is a UV-free application for intensive and effective skin care and reduction of winter blues and can be used by all skin types.
"Vitamin D Sunshine" is specifically targeted at people who want to benefit from the biopositive effects of sunlight and just want a very light tan. Individual UV dose via skin sensor
The "Styling Sunshine" program is perfect for those looking for immediate results from the first moment of the session. The optimized light spectrum ensures effective tanning. Tanning results immediately visible through UV-A. A more intense and long-lasting tan thanks to UV-B rays. Individual UV dose by skin sensor. Proven formation of vitamin D.
"Beauty Sunshine" suits the natural color gradient of a sunny summer day.
Skin preparation with Beauty Light.

Before and after the tanning session, the skin is pampered with the effective Beauty Light skin care. The duration of the program is set by the operator. Natural tanning with intensive and effective special care

As an operator, you can set the timings of the programs yourself in the Professional Settings Manager.

Vitamin D

In the "Vitamin D Sunshine" program, only lamps with a higher UVB content are used. For a more visible tan, the Styling Sunshine or Beauty Sunshine programs should be used.
The Sun Angel Spectra has been certified by the German health network Medical Active as an "innovative technology" for its sensor-safe tanning with proven vitamin D build-up and additional effective skin care with Beauty Light.

Skin sensor, safety for tanning.

The Sun Angel Spectra assesses how much UV rays its clients' skin can receive.

Extensive studies at a skin physiology institute confirmed the high measurement accuracy of the Sun Angel skin sensor. The latest generation of this photoelectronic precision instrument has dramatically improved handling with optimized ergonomics and an easily accessible location.
The new silicone protection also makes the new sensor more durable. Calibration is not required.
An individual's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays is measured on the forehead and the lightest part of the body. Sun Angel Spectra then calculates an individual UV dose based on the individual measurements taken. Full skin analysis in less than ten seconds and provides sunburn protection using sensor control.

Voice guidance and a large information display on the exterior of the Sun Angel Spectra complement its easy operation. When the sensor is not used, the Sun Angel emits only the regulatory dose for a tanning session.

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Quality CertificatesCE
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Germany
Brand SolariumErgoline
Total Body Lamps52
Transport and assemblyNot included
Shipping labelBulky

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