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Ergoline Prestige Lightvision Spectra -Hybrid Technology-

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The world's first Led facial.
Ergoline Technology

Welcome to Ergoline Spectra. A new era in light technology and ultraviolet rays.

The LED facial tanner reduces power consumption by 2,000 watts, has a 20,000-hour lifespan, and delivers better-than-ever tanning performance.

Ergoline Spectra . For the ultimate, smoothest tanning experience ever. Experience the new light spectrums!

Lightvision Spectra Hybrid Technology

The new Lightvision Spectra offers a unique tanning experience with intense and effective skin care.
The experience is even smoother and more relaxing than ever. At the same time the tanning results are intensified.
More than 200 LED Beauty Light care for the skin and, thanks to the light glow, help fight the winter blues.
Personal Sunstyle delivers a tan the way you want it at the touch of a button.

Spectra Face Bronzer

A new era in UV and light technology begins with Ergoline Spectra. In addition to UV rays, conventional high-pressure facial tanners mainly produce infrared radiation. We perceive excessive infrared radiation through reddening and hardening of the skin after sunbathing.

With Ergoline Spectra, only the desired light spectra are generated. The reduced heat development protects the skin and allows the skin-caring Beauty Light to work more effectively. For the best and softest tanning experience ever.

The new UVA LEDs with a specially developed reflector system offer a directly visible tan. Spaghetti lamps complement the light spectrum with UVB. Facial ventilation can also be significantly reduced, making tanning more calm and relaxed. The optimized light spectrum makes tanning incomparably soft and pleasant.

At the same time, LED facial tanners reduce power consumption by around 90% and have a lifespan of at least 20,000 hours. The tanning performance is always consistent and instead of individual "hot spots", there is an evenly deep tan all over the face. Experience the new light spectrum!

As you would expect, Ergoline's top of the line model is fully equipped with a complete comfort package that provides the ultimate tanning experience. Pure luxury!

Of course, the Prestige Lightvision comes standard with all the convenience features you love. This turns tanning into a nice short vacation.
Feel-good features with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Climatronic Plus and the new cinema sound system including Bluetooth offer luxury at the highest level.
You can configure all your feel-good settings on the outdoor touchscreen before your tanning session and save them to a customer card with an NFC chip via NFC Connect. If the chip is held in front of the NFC field the next time you visit, the Prestige Lightvision Spectra will automatically configure itself based on your personal preferences. Lie back, close your eyes and relax!

  • Spectra LED Face Bronzer
  • More than 200 LED beauty light
  • Tan Hybrid LED Shoulder
  • Choose your UV intensity: from mild to intensive
  • voice control
  • Touch screen with video function
  • Fully equipped as standard
  • Certified by Medical Active (DE / AT / CH)

Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Germany
Brand SolariumErgoline
Transport and assemblyNot included
Shipping labelBulky

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