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Suntimer - Timer for solariums

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Remote control timer for solariums, high performance and quality.

It is a programmable remote control, with PICO-007 waterproof electronics to regulate the time in showers, UVA cabins, and spas. The handling is simple and the programming works via the integrated start, stop and pause keys. The long life of the device is guaranteed, thanks to the application of superior quality materials. The Suntimer runs standard up to 16 amps on 5 meters. For distances of more than 5 meters, an additional built-in long-distance interface can be used, which is charged separately with a 230 V Ac supply.

Technical specifications

  • Measurements: 170mm x 760mm x 600mm
  • Weight : 0.7kg
  • Supply : 24VDC / 230VAC
  • Time : Minutes
  • Display : Single LED 2 digits 8 mm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Relay : 2 x 6.3 Amp
  • Contacts : Free potential
  • Fuses: 500mA
  • Electronics: PICO-007 Fused Together
  • Settlement : On the wall
  • optional hardware
  • 230 V AC long-distance interface for distances of more than 5 meters
  • 1/4” solenoid valve
  • 220/24V 60VA transformer

Features included

  • EM01 - Main timing extension From 15 to 255 minutes
  • EM02 - Pre-time delay Up to 255 minutes
  • EM03 - Post timer Up to 255 minutes
  • EM04 - Maximum introduction, accumulation Maximum amount of coin introduced
  • EM05 - Minimum start introduction Minimum amount of coin introduced
  • EM06 - Service indicator Service indicator
  • EM07 - Post-start After finishing the session it is possible to obtain a consistent time of 30 additional seconds once more
  • EM08 - Audible warning Audible warning for stops (pause)
  • EM09 - Service function With this function there is a possibility to program a forced service of the connected installation
  • EM10 - Minute and coin counter Resettable counter, periodic counter
  • EM11 - Correction of the main phase By activating this function the main phase is automatically corrected for a maximum result in eg solariums
  • EM12 - Total minute counter Non-resettable counter
  • EM13 - Main timing settings Possibility of abbreviating the time during pre-timing

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