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Complete management software for tanning centers

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An effective management system for tanning and beauty centers. It has a management system installed on your computer and an autonomous control system that is responsible for the correct operation of the tanning and beauty machines. From the computer screen you will be able to know the status of each of your cabins, as well as to start, stop or cancel a session in them.

The entire environment has been developed so that a touch screen can be used, even if it is not necessary. Customers will be able to identify themselves in multiple ways: magnetic cards, chip cards, contactless cards, etc. In addition, to improve security and prevent fraud, you can associate a photograph to the client's file, so that the client's identity can be verified easily, quickly and conveniently.

It also has a powerful employee management functionality, being able to assign each one a role so that their functions are limited according to their responsibility.

Regarding products and services, the management software offers you a wide range of bonuses to offer your customers. From discount vouchers to flat rates.

It is also compatible with barcodes, facilitating the sale and management of product stocks.

In addition, you can have a powerful appointment scheduler designed to manage time for your beauticians. In it you can schedule the hours in which there will be employees available, and on top of that scheduled time, appointments can be inserted for our clients. The appointment management system can even, if desired, send reminder SMS to the mobile phone number of the client several days in advance.

We have also thought about your self-promotion. For this reason, this system allows the connection of a secondary monitor or computer from which to display a screen of advertising and information about the installation, ideal for our clients to know how long they must wait to access their favorite installation.

But the most important thing about the system is security and redundancy in its operation. All the machines in the installation will be connected by their own control system that ensures that the machine will stop at the established time, regardless of the state of the computer.

We also have control panels in case the computer system is not available, being able to control the entire system quickly and reliably.

And finally, we can offer you a complete maintenance service for the entire system, from remote system troubleshooting to automatic backups to our servers.

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