Pressotherapy-3 in 1 Slimming Equipment

Equipment Pressotherapy professional full + passive exercise + Infrared. With boots + sleeves + abdomen + blanket. Aesthetic appliances.


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Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1


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Apparatus for pressotherapy combined offering 3 functions in 1:

  • Pressotherapy air pressure lymphatic drainage).
  • Electrostimulation (passive gymnastics).
  • Infrared sauna effect (thermotherapy) with infrared.

This equipment three-in-one, combines the treatments of

  1. Massage
  2. Exercise (passive gymnastics)
  3. Reduction of volume
  4. Modeling of the figure
  5. Firming of the skin
  6. Dissolution of fats

This device has been carefully designed according to the research of the laws of bionics, which combines in a same device the functions of dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage and firming of the skin, using high technology and achieving a meaningful result.

  • THINNING The electricity of low frequency can stimulate the muscle to achieve a shrinking effect that comes to break down a large amount of fat cells. The electrical pads placed in the exact spots they can adjust the function of internal agency speeding up the metabolism and preventing the formation of new fat cells. The infrared rays directly penetrate into the cell structure of the fat by releasing a large amount of thermal energy, accelerating blood circulation and the lymph nodes. The pressotherapy, with continuous changes of pressure, dissociate and destroy the fat cells.
  • SKIN BEAUTIFICATION in The current bionic stimulates sensory nerve ending in epidermis, the loose skin regains its elasticity.
  • RELAXING EFFECT, AND BENEFITS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, The blood circulation speeds up and the muscles to be refined due. The heat generated by the infrared rays, relieves muscle tension and relaxes the muscle. The device stimulates the absorption of active principles, to strengthen its healing power. Decreases inflammation, speeds up healing and helps to get to sleep.
  • PRESSOTHERAPY INFRARED: progressive Pressure and controlled (legs, feet, arms, and abdomen). In addition, through its function of infrared heat applied in areas where the drainage, performs its function of acupressure.


  • You can activate the function electrostimulation, to reduce the accumulations of fatty, ideal for any part of the body. Toning and strengthening the muscles.
  • Improves lymphatic circulation and elimination of toxins.
  • Pulsed wave, relaxes the muscle and improves the muscle contractions.
  • Device for passive gymnastics with programs that allow you to perform treatments slimming, toning and massage.
  • Combined with the carbon fiber japanese that produces infrared rays, dissolves fat nodules. The movements that occur contribute to a better functioning of the apparatus lymphatic and, therefore, cause a greater removal of fat.
  • Promotes cellular activity, contributing to the reduction of fats.

Features and functions:

High-performance: can Be used on the abdomen, hips, legs and arms.

  • Effect of dissolution and elimination By means of the vibration of the waves, the thermotherapia infrared and lymphatic drainage of air by compressing the tissues, may dissolve, remove fat and fluid retention. Through the activation of a cell through the electro, you get to reaffirm the tissues.
  • Instant results without rebound effect: according to test clinical, 65% of people treated notice immediate improvements, a figure which increases by over 87% in treatments a week. The proportion of people who suffer the so-called rebound effect is below -5%
  • Easy to use: you just need to select the function desired before proceeding to the treatment or to change it in function of your needs.

Includes Accessories Pressotherapy:

  • 2 boots-feet
  • 2 boots-leg adjustable (length 63cm, width sup. 96cm, width inf. 66cm)
  • 2 sleeves (arms)
  • 1 belt-girdle of the abdomen and buttocks, fully customizable, as long 130cm
  • 1 saddlebag protective and organizer of hoses in the practical side pockets to the stretcher. This enables you to preserve the visual harmony of the clinic.
  • Our accessories are equipped with velcro, high-quality, that can be used in different sizes with areas in size large or small without leaving free spaces between the skin.

Includes Accessories Electrostimulation:

  • 5 large electrodes
  • 5 small electrodes
  • Clamping bands

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: AC 110V 220V 230V 240V
  • Dimensions: Height: 96 Width: 48 (cm) gross Weight: 36kg
  • Rated power: 350W Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Cameras Total : 20 (Chambers, abdomen : 4) (Chambers legs: 4x2) (Cameras arms : 4x2) (Cameras feet : 2x2)
  • Pressure to 3.5-3.8 MPA
Exclusive services Sunmarket:
  • Phone service start-up or ongoing face-to-face in our facilities
  • Full manual in Spanish
  • Videotutorial in Spanish
  • Replacement equipment in case of breakdown
  • Availability of spares all the accessories
  • Shipping in 24/48 hours
  • Warranty 2 years



Por el25 Sept. 2017 (Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1) :

Siempre bien

Como siempre en todas las compras, perfecto

Por el20 Sept. 2017 (Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1) :


Gracias Jose y Olga por ser tan rápidos y explicármelo todo tan bien, me encanta la máquina. un saludo

Por el16 Sept. 2017 (Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1) :

Muchas gracias

la máquina es fantástica y supera mis expectativas, además de tener un precio reducido. lo único que no ha tardado 24h en llegar sino 3 días

Por el14 Sept. 2017 (Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1) :

Muy bueno

El servicio fue rápido en solo 24h y la atención posterior fue satisfactoria, responden con rapidez ante cualquier problema. volveré a comprar

Por el12 Sept. 2017 (Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1) :


Encantada con el servicio profesional que me han proporcionado, mis compras serán siendo en Sunmarket

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