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Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna 3 in 1


3-in-1 Professional Pressotherapy
Pressotherapy + Electrostimulation + Sauna

It has been carefully designed to be used in aesthetics, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, oncology and angiology for drainage and reduction of venous and lymphatic edema. It produces an activation of the return circulation (venous and lymphatic), stimulating the reabsorption of interstitial fluids and the drainage of these fluids towards the organic filters.

It is a complete pre-therapy with professional programming, its operation is simple and has electrostimulation and thermotherapy. Both electrostimulation and thermotherapy can work together with the pressotherapy at the same time. It has comfortable wheels for transport and 2 compartments where you can store some accessories.

Combined pressure therapy device that offers 3 functions in 1:

  • Pressure air pressure therapy (lymphatic drainage).
  • Electrostimulation (passive gymnastics).
  • Infrared sauna effect (thermotherapy) with infrared.

This three-in-one equipment combines the treatments of

  • Massage
  • Exercise (passive gymnastics)
  • Volume reduction
  • Modeling the figure
  • Firming of the skin
  • Fat dissolution
  • SLIMMING Low-frequency electricity can stimulate the muscle to achieve a contraction effect that can break down a large number of fat cells. The electric pads placed at the exact points can adjust the function of the internal organism by accelerating the metabolism and preventing the formation of new fat cells. The infrared rays penetrate directly into the cellular structure of the fatty material releasing a large amount of thermal energy, accelerating the circulation of blood and lymph nodes. The pressotherapy, with continuous changes of pressure dissociate and destroy the fat cells.
  • EMBELLISHMENT OF THE SKIN The bionic current stimulates the sensory nerves that end in the epidermis, the sagging skin regains its elasticity.
  • RELAXING EFFECT AND WHICH BENEFITS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The circulation of blood is accelerated and the muscles are refined due. The heat generated by infrared rays relieves muscle tension and relaxes the muscle. The device stimulates the absorption of active principles, reinforcing its healing power. Reduces inflammation, speeds healing and helps you fall asleep.
  • INFRARED PRESSOTHERAPY: Progressive and controlled pressure of (legs, feet, arms and abdomen). In addition, through its infrared heat function applied in areas where drainage performs its acupressure function.


You can activate the electrostimulation function, to reduce fatty clumps, ideal for any part of the body. Toning and strengthening of muscles.
Improves lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins.
Pulsed wave relaxes the muscle and improves muscle contractions.
Passive gymnastics with programs that allow weight loss, reaffirmation and massage treatments.
Combined with Japanese carbon fiber that produces infrared rays, it dissolves fat nodules. The movements that it produces contribute to a better functioning of the lymphatic system and therefore, cause a greater elimination of fat.
Promotes cellular activity, contributing to the reduction of fats.
Characteristics and functions:

High performance: Can be used on the abdomen, hips, legs and arms.

Effect of dissolution and elimination: Through the vibration of the waves, infrared thermotherapia and lymphatic drainage of air compressing the tissues, it can dissolve, eliminate fat and retain fluid. Through cell activation through electrostimulation, it reaffirms tissues.
Instantaneous results without rebound effect: According to clinical tests, 65% of the people treated notice immediate improvements, a figure that increases above 87% in treatments of a week. The proportion of people suffering the so-called rebound effect is below -5%
Easy to use: It is only necessary to select the desired function before proceeding to the treatment or changing it according to your needs.

Includes Presotherapy Accessories:

  • 2 boots-feet
  • 2 adjustable leg boots (length 63cm, width 96cm width, width 66cm)
  • 2 sleeves (arms)
  • 1 belt-girdle of abdomen and buttocks, totally adaptable, measure long 130cm
  • 1 protective bag and hose organizer in practical side pockets to the stretcher. This allows to preserve the visual harmony of the clinic.

Our accessories are equipped with high quality velcro, which can be used in different sizes with areas of large or small size without leaving open spaces between the skin.
Includes Electrostimulation Accessories:

  • 5 large electrodes
  • 5 small electrodes
  • Fastening bands

Pressotherapy Specifications:

  • 10 sectors
  • 4 programs
  • 9 levels of cycle speed
  • Regulation of pressure 0-150 mmHg (+ -10%)
  • Possibility of canceling some applications
  • Exclusive Sunmarket services:
  • Telephone service start-up or classroom course in our facilities
  • Complete manual in Spanish
  • Video tutorial in Spanish
  • Shipping in 24/48 hours

Sunmarket Quality:

  • Replacement equipment in case of breakdown
  • Availability of spare parts for all accessories
  • 2 year warranty
  • Professional aesthetic equipment

New accessories of higher quality

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Availability date: 04/15/2019

Pressotherapy with electrostimulation and sauna 3 in 1


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Delivery: 2 - 3 weeks

Data sheet

Warranty2 years
Other details:99 cm x 43 cm x 38 cm
Other details:Pressure regulation 0-150 mmHg (+ -10%)
Other details:Videotutorial in English
Other details:Availability of spare parts for all accessories
Other details:* Cámaras Totales : 20 (Cámaras abdomen : 4) (Cámaras piernas: 4x2) (Cámaras brazos : 4x2) (Cámaras pies : 2x2)
Other details:Replacement equipment in case of breakdown
Delivery time:24/48H




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