Carefree, soul rebel, wild style. All the world knows that your spirit can't be tamed


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Pink Rock

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Carefree. Soul rebel. Wild style. Pursuant to the rules of the society? In any way. All the world knows that your spirit can not be tamed, and love in secret his antics over-the-top. There is No need to leave early from the feast, we are going Wolfberry re-energize skin with a boost of hydration after a long night. Look and feel as the beauty behind the scenario flawlessly that you're with Pink rock ™!

Goji: Provides vitamins and minerals to the skin to help energize and clarify for a radiant complexion

Firming and toning Blend: caffeine and allantoin help tone and firm the skin for more impressive results

Flawless finish Moisture: moisturizers Super promote a bronze to red the alive one, to a perfect skin of any wild child I would love to

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Brand Swedish Beauty