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The tanning lamps Cosmedico COSMOFIT allow an irradiance efficient in erythema according to the european standard. The lamps COSMOFIT you to help make your device tanning to comply quickly and reliably with the EU legislation that requires an irradiation maximum of the erythema of 0.3 W / m2. The lamps COSMOFIT provide optimal results tanning. The spectrum of each lamp was focused on the ranges of wavelength sensitive to the tanning salon to achieve the maximum performance of a tan.

Cosmedico COSMOFIT + is our enhanced programme of lamps COSMOFIT with a new phosphor UVA and the tanning lamps COSMOFIT +, you can achieve an irradiance effective for erythema according to the standard of 0.3 W/m2 in your sun bed. The spectrum of the lamps COSMOFIT + is specially focused on the ranges of wavelength effective tanning. As a result, these lamps achieve a performance of tan and maximum results of tan optimal.


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Cosmofit+ R 28 160W





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Data sheet

Business relationship Official seller
Quality Certificates CE
Minimum purchase 25
UVA Irradiance (W/m²) 23
EU 0.3 Yes
Delivery time: In stock
Manufacturer Narva
Length mm 1760
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Germany
Brand Cosmedico
Ref.Fab 30712
Type Tan Tube UVA
UV CODE 160-R-28/2,6
UVA-Flux (W) 23
UVB 32
Lamp Hour Life 800
Watts 160



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