50x Tubes 180W Cosmedico 10K100PLUS S1 1000 hours (primer Free) - UV Tubes EU -

Pack of 50x UV Tubes Cosmedico CosmoFit Cosmofit 10K100PLUS S1 180W 2.0 M + (50-primer-free). UV Tubes top quality 1000 hours


Pack content

50 x Cebador120-180W BodyTone

Range of starters the first quality to turn on the fluorescent lamps that work with ballasts electromagnetic

A primer for pipes between 100-180W for solariums

Description of the system
Simple [ Circuit 1 lamp]
Operating and electrical

Power (Rated) (Nom)
120-180 W

Voltage impulse (min.) 1900 V
Voltage of non-reconnection (min.) 140 V
Voltage (nom.) 230-240 V

Condenser Yes
Housing Color Black
Information base socket 2P [ 2 Pins]

Full product code 871150090348826
Product name order BodyTone St 120-180W 230-240V

Ignite fluorescent lamps (all brands) operating on a ballast electromagnetic the conventional.


50x Tubes 180W Cosmedico 10K100PLUS S1 1000 hours (primer Free)



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Delibery: 24/48h

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Pack of 50x Tube Cosmedico Cosmofit 10K100PLUS S1 180W 2.0 M + 50 primers
UV Tubes of superior quality 1000 hours

Cosmedico 10K100® and 10K100®PLUS are the perfect upgrade for any solarium. These lamps offer absolute quality and provide a maximum tanning.

Cosmedico 10K100® - an experience of tanning amazing

With this series of lamps, different skin types (II-IV) develop a brightness DELUXE instant and long-lasting. The two main factors of sun tan - the rapid immediate pigmentation and the browning of long duration - are combined ideally. Therefore, when used correctly, the lamps Cosmedico 10K100® offer more than a 10% tanning effect compared to other UV Tubes.

The advantages of the range 10K100®

• Fast and long-lasting tan
• Phosphorus high-quality skin tanning "DELUXE"
• Browning time relatively short
• Tanning effect ideal for all users (either light skin, not tanned or pre-tanned)
• Bronze intensified with repeated use

The PLUS of the benefits of the 10K100®PLUS

The lamps Cosmedico 10K100®PLUS glow with tanning Effect even more instant
Fascinating, "GOLDEN TAN"
By a new mixture of phosphorus and reflector optimized.
In addition, it offers all the proven benefits of the product of the number of lamps 10K100®.


Cosmedico 10k100

Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Minimum purchase50
EU 0.3Yes
Delivery time:In stock
Length mm200cm
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Germany
TypeTan Tube UVA
UV CODE180-R-31/1,7
UVA-Flux (W)28
Lamp Hour Life1000


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