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Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE Premium R 52 180W 2M

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Cosmedical COLYOUR
Premium tanning tubes

The new Cosmedico COLYOUR range merges a total of eight benefits related to the color of light distinguished in four lamps. The human organism only absorbs from the color energy what it needs in the exposure time. In this way it rebalances existing deficits and restores the harmony of body and soul. On top of that, a unique premium tan is produced during the session.

The 4 colored lamps in the solarium culminate in a vivid play of colors to provide unrivaled sun bathing and color therapy resulting in a great tan and 8 amazing benefits for body and soul.

BLUE LIGHT Harmony & well-being. The special characteristics of blue light are used, for example, in the treatment of skin diseases. Blue light improves and regenerates impure skin and also has an antibacterial effect. In addition, blue light gives positive energy, vitality and increases one's own efficiency.

GREEN LIGHT Tranquility & Relaxation. Green light is the color of relaxation. Reduce stress, while administering new energy. Green light is related to the natural environment and growth, therefore it is perceived as a balance of body and mind.

RED LIGHT Energy & vitality. Take care and rejuvenate the skin. The energy enters the depth of the skin, where collagen and elastic fibers are found. Red light supports collagen production and improves skin hydration by inhibiting the effects of free radicals.

YELLOW LIGHT , the energy of the sun. Joy & happiness. Yellow light has always been associated with sunlight, which is why it represents optimism and enthusiasm for life, bringing confidence and creativity. and happiness.

It is recommended to use the 4 colors to achieve an increase in the tanning effect with the same UV levels, thanks to the combination of their different wavelengths.

Data sheet

UVA Irradiance (W/m²)22
EU 0.3No
Length mm200cm
UV CODE180-R-52/3,3
UVA-Flux (W)22
Energy efficiency classG

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