Australian Gold

    Australian Gold brand accelerator tanning number 1 in the market. Australian Gold accelerator tanning, the highest quality of tanning lotions to unique this american brand leader in tanning with UVA in all of the world. For tanning salons that want to dispose of cosmésticos specialized for UVA of great quality so as to provide an intense color healthy tan, with a careful skin hydrated to its customers and give the best image of the brand that you can give your tanning center. With these accelerators will get a tan extremely dark, with the only Australian Gold can provide. Offers a wide range of tan accelerating UVA for all skin type, level of tanning and features. The results: a tan long-lasting and beautiful skin with a beautiful healthy appearance. In addition it also has a wide variety of sunscreens SPF with a fantastic and unique aroma that invites us to apply it constantly. Wholesalers and distributors of Australian Gold in Spain, Try Australian Gold as they inevitably become your fan # 1 If you are a downtown professional aesthetics and tanning, Sign up to get volume pricing

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