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The E-Light system combines three technologies: Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) + Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) + Cooling of the handpiece.
The RF energy when combined with the IPL energy results in "E-light", thus more easily achieving the desired temperature in the targeted area of the desired treatment and thus being able to obtain better results.
When IPL + RF are applied together, E-light is produced, on the one hand, the IPL light is absorbed by the chromophores of the skin surface (melanin, hemoglobin), while on the other hand, the RF is responsible for penetrating the layers. internal, raising the temperature thus offering clear improvements in the results.

IPL SYSTEM with opt technology and scanning system

Treatment with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is based on the controlled emission of pulses of light to the surface of the skin.

The pulsed light lamp emits a filtered light to ensure that only adequate light is absorbed by the body's own natural pigments: melanin , present in hair and in epidermal spots caused by the sun; and hemoglobin , which is found in diffuse redness of the skin.

Both pigments convert light energy into heat and this heat is used to remove lesions. When cells containing melanin or hemoglobin receive this light, they heat up and are destroyed within a few seconds. With this technique it is possible to eliminate spots or redness without damaging the surrounding tissues ( selective photothermolysis ).

Another fundamental objective of IPL treatment is to promote rejuvenation through the stimulation and production of new collagen fibers.

Likewise, Intense Pulsed Light can also be used for photoepilation treatments , with which permanent hair removal is achieved effectively. The controlled light pulses penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by the melanin contained in the follicle. Melanin converts light energy into heat. This heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed and unable to produce new hair.

The main indications of Intense Pulsed Light are:
-Face rejuvenation
-pigmented lesions
-Couperosis and facial telangiectasias

In our IPL we incorporate the most modern and effective systems: The E-Light system combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar RF + IPL + Skin Cooling .

The application of RF energy produces a thermal rise that depends on the electrical conductivity of the tissue on which it is applied. Unlike IPL, it does not depend on absorption that can occur at a superficial level, and it is not blocked in the epidermal layer of the skin that contains chromophores.
The RF energy when combined with the IPL energy gives rise to the so-called E-light, thus reaching the desired temperatures in the treatment area in order to destroy the desired target in deep areas where the IPL energy does not reach.
When applied together, the IPL energy is absorbed by the chromophores (melanin, hemoglobin) of the skin surface while the RF is in charge of penetrating to more internal layers.
In this way, large doses of IPL energy are not needed to obtain a good result. The absorption of energy from Radiofrequency does not depend on the amount of melanin that exists in the treatment area. For this reason, the E-light has better results both on light hair (blonde) and fine hair, as well as in treatments where it is necessary for the energy to reach deeper. Avoiding the risks that appeared with IPL, since it works with lower energy densities and it does not remain as much on the skin surface.

In photorejuvenation treatment, bipolar RF also provides immediate collagen contraction and neocollagenesis after fibroblast stimulation.

SHR System (Super Hair Removal)

With a frequency of 3 shots/second, its application instead of being by specific shots "hair to hair", is done by moving the handpiece over the skin at 5-6 cm/second, making between 2 and 4 passes over the skin. area. This allows a progressive thermal effect, raising the temperature of the follicle to a level of 45 to 50ºC, a temperature that guarantees effective hair removal but with less discomfort and fewer side effects than other IPL systems.

The main characteristic of the SHR System is the application of heat gradually and in continuous movement, "In Motion", this allows the energy to be gently transported through the skin and through the melanin of the hair follicles, unlike with traditional one-pulse-at-a-time methods with high energy fluences.

Therefore, the melanin of the hair, as well as the stem cells of the hair bulb, are heated with low energy at a slow rate and for a longer period of time and at a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees, achieving excellent results in the processes of permanent hair removal.

OPT pulse system

The new OPT technology "Optimal Pulse Technology" is an optimal pulse system that translates into greater efficiency in treatments, significantly shortening the number of sessions. OPT technology is mainly realized in hardware, being able to precisely control each pulse and its own energy, achieving the perfect optimization for each skin type, being more effective and safer. With OPT pulsed light technology, we achieve square and perfectly controlled pulses.


Acne (420 nm): The Propionibacterium acne bacterium is sensitive to the light emission generated by the E-Light system.
Rejuvenation (530nm): IPL + RF improves all visible skin imperfections caused by the sun or aging such as wrinkles, laxity, enlarged pores or roughness, among others.
Vascular lesions (590 nm): Pulsed light eliminates small facial vascular lesions (spider veins) through the thermocoagulation effect and subsequent vascular necrosis.
Pigmented lesions (640nm): IPL is effective on epidermal pigmented lesions from 0.1 to 3 mm deep, such as solar lentigo spots, poikiloderma, freckles, or café-au-lait spots, among others.
Hair removal (690nm): The light absorbed by the melanin in the hair is converted into heat, which destroys the dermal papilla of the hair follicle.

Data sheet

Type of Light – IPL with SHR + E-light + OPT
OPT System – Optimal Square Pulse
SHR System – Super Fast Hair Removal
SHR lamp – 1,000,000 shots
E-Light System – Radiofrequency + Pulsed Light
E-Light lamp – 200,000 shots
Wavelength – 420nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm
Equipment Power – 3,000 w
Screen Size – LCD 15″ Color
Software and language – Spanish
Spot – Sapphire
Spot Size (Facial) – 10 x 50 nm
Spot Size (Body) – 12 x 30 nm
Spot Temperature – Between – 7° C and 0° C
Energy creep – 1 J/cm² – 50 J/cm²
Number of Sub-pulses – 6 sub-pulses (E-light Mode)
Trigger Frequency – 10 Hz (SHR Mode)
Electrical Voltage – 220 V / 110 V
Size/Weight – 47cm x 60cm x 42cm / 40kg
Pack Size/Weight – 82 cm x 75 cm x 70 cm / 50kg

Exclusive Official Distributor in the Valencian Community (Spain)

Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE
Product qualityProfesional médico estético
TrainingFormación incluida gratuita en clínica de cliente o en las instalaciones de Sunmarket
Business relationshipDistribuidor oficial exclusivo (Comunidad Valenciana)
ShippingFree Shipping
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Spain
TypeProfessional Aesthetic Equipment


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