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Exelsior OPT LED 4.1 Technology

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Developed with LED technology

The most revolutionary and innovative system for definitive hair removal.

It represents the maximum efficiency in permanent hair removal systems (high light output and lower energy consumption), based on high-power OPT LED technology.

How does LED technology work?

OPT LED technology for hair removal is based on the use of LED chips (made in the USA) as a high-power LED light source, which emits an optimized wavelength spectrum of 755 nm - 880 nm , acting with great effectiveness on the melanin from the hair follicle for subsequent permanent hair removal.

Thanks to its broad spectrum of light, it can be applied to all phototypes, including the highest, and to all types of hair, even residual hair.

Technical advantages over other technologies

The new Excelsior is capable of taking up to 100 million shots, maintaining its useful life for a minimum period of 5 years.

The LED technology incorporated in the Excelsior is capable of emitting a spectrum of light with a continuous wavelength between 755 and 880 nm. Thanks to the wide spectrum of light, it can be applied to all phototypes, including the highest, and to all types of hair, even the most residual.

The new Excelsior does not need any consumables, as well as its optimal operation (no downtime between patient and patient), it provides a simple and low-cost maintenance service, allowing a profitability much higher than the average of existing hair removal systems in the market. market.

Thanks to the powerful ICE-TEC refrigeration cooling system, we ensure an operating temperature between 5- and -15, which guarantees optimal performance of the OPT LED and offers a constant sensation of comfort during treatment, as well as greater skin protection. before the delivery of high energies.

In addition, the spot has been made of high conduction material (Golden Copper) to achieve rapid cooling of the handpiece, guaranteeing the safety of patients before operators with greater workloads.

Main features

A total of 1,200W obtained by 12 LED chips (made in the USA) of 100W each.
Due to the small size of the chips, they can be compacted in an optimized way inside the handpiece to achieve higher power density.
If we compare the energy density between conventional lasers and the new OPT LED technology, we see that the energy density of LED light is up to 60-70% higher.

The 1-10 Hz frequency of the Excelsior equipment makes it one of the fastest light systems used in hair removal.

The new Excelsior handle is designed to offer greater ergonomics to the user, making it possible to reach less accessible areas of the body and providing greater comfort during use, which translates into an increase in the number of operating hours.

The material used for the production of the new handpiece is highly resistant, which considerably reduces the risk of damage in the event of a fall and/or collision.

The new Excelsior equipment software allows us to work in four treatment modes: SHR (sweep), static, continuous, and expert. In this way we have different options for different operational situations.

The software system allows us to make an advanced adjustment of the equipment (customization of parameters such as pulse duration, duration between pulse and pulse, energy, frequencies, etc.)

Finally, the software system gives us the possibility of WIFI connection, which allows remote access to the equipment for a possible remote check of the parameters.

Data sheet

Light Type – OPT LED
Spectrum wavelength – 755 nm ~ 880 nm
LED generator power – 1,200 w
Screen size – LCD 9.8″ Color
Software Language – Spanish and others
Work modes – Static, continuous, SHR, and expert.
Security System – Automatic Calibration
Spot size – 17 x 22mm
Handle durability – 80-100 million shots
Pulse width – 9 ms – 780 ms
Energy fluence – 1 J/cm²- 100 J/cm²
Frequency – 1Hz – 10Hz
Cooling system – ICE TEC + Water cooling
Sound level – 60 db
Cooling temperature – -5°C -15°C
Electrical voltage – 220 V / 110 V

Exclusive Official Distributor in the Valencian Community (Spain)

Data sheet

Business relationshipDistribuidor oficial exclusivo (Comunidad Valenciana)
TrainingFormación incluida gratuita en clínica de cliente o en las instalaciones de Sunmarket
Product qualityProfesional médico estético
Quality CertificatesCE
ShippingFree Shipping
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Spain
TypeProfessional Aesthetic Equipment


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