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DIGI-TECH Professional Electro Stimulation Device by Weelko

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The team of electrostimulation DIGI-TECH for professional use of Weelko is formed by a main unit, placed on a column with base wheels easy to assemble, that allows you to move freely in the apparatus.

The main unit has a digital screen touch 8-inch and allows you to select the language of your device, to choose between English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Once you have selected the language, the programs of DIGITECH are grouped under three major groups: improvement of muscle tone, loss of weight and muscle massage and body treatment.

Each of these three programs offers programs that are speci c, depending on the area or the effect you wish to achieve with the treatment:

1 Improvement of muscle tone
•Program Chest
•Program Abdomen
•Program Shoulders and arms
•Program Forearms
•Program Back
•Program Thighs
•Program Calves

2 Thinning

•Increase volume of breasts
•Lifting the breasts
•Reduction of waist and abdomen
•Reduction of hips
•Thinning of the thighs
•Weight loss of calves
•Thinning of the arms
•Toning of the back
•Toning facial

3 muscle Massage and body treatment
•Lymphatic drainage of the whole body •lymphatic Drainage bottom
•Areolar tissue and abdomen
•It improves resistance tissue aerolar and elimination of toxins
•Drainage chest
•Massage the arms and shoulders

About electrostimulation
The electrostimulation is a way to remodel the body through electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions and, as a result, an effect similar to that which would be obtained by exercising the muscles in the traditional manner. This is what is known as passive gymnastics, which allows you to increase the muscle tone and combat the acidity of the muscle increasing its volume, strength, and endurance.

What is it?
Electrostimulation is based on the application of current, simulating the electrical impulse that sends the central nervous system to the muscle for contraction. This encouragement is done through the exact placement of pairs of electrodes on the surface to deal with the n to achieve that the muscle to contract, as if it had received the nerve impulse from the brain, which does not distinguish the voluntary contraction of the involuntary. This contraction of the muscle is done without any kind of effort on the part of the patient and safely for him.

What are the effects?
Electrostimulation combined with a moderate diet strengthens the muscles and makes them more resistant, it also improves the circulatory system of the lower part of the body, favoring the elimination of excess fluid. The application of electrostimulation reports very good results for relax and massage the muscles, stimulating for example lymphatic circulation and improving the muscle tone of the arms, thighs, buttocks, and legs. It also contributes to the elimination of toxins, fat deposits and the strengthening of the breast tissue.

This technique offers a wide range of treatments, as it can be applied in multiple areas of the body, such as buttocks, hips, abdomen, legs, arms, face...

What is indicated?
• Overweight
• Swelling
• Heavy
• Eliminate excess fluid • Sagging
• Maintenance of physical
• Postpartum

• People who carry a cardiac pacemaker.
• Arrhythmia or heart problems.
• Any type of muscle injury.
• Pregnant women
• Do not apply in the area of the liver in people with dis - for liver function, or problems of urolithiasis.
• Circulatory disorders, serious or not compensated: ebitis, thrombus ebitis, varicose veins important...
• People with epilepsy
*The intensity of the contraction should never be painful. Contractions too intense, can cause tears and muscle injuries. In the case of health problems of any kind it is always recommended to consult a specialist.

A session of electrostimulation lasts for approximately 30 minutes, and the sessions should be done 2 to 3 times a week. After 4 to 6 weeks showed a remarkable decrease in the retention of liquids and the volume of deposits of fat and in turn an improvement of the muscle tone.



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