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Connective tissue operates as a communication network in our body. Said tissue is composed of cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM). This matrix consists largely of collagen (structural proteins), fibers that provide shape and elasticity, non-collagenous proteins, ground substance, and water. Connective tissue is intertwined in the form of a network, operating as an elastic membrane and as a supporting tissue between cells, organs, organ parts, skin, bone, blood vessel walls, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
Connective tissue is vital to the body, and acts as:
• Support System
• Connection System
• Protection System
• Information system
• Transport system
• Supply System

Collagen is an integral part of connective tissue. This is made up of extremely fine and intertwined fibers, thus composing a three-dimensional network whose length and thickness are measured by a nanometer.
Quantitatively speaking, type I collagen is the most important in the body. This type can be found in the dermis, in blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, and in bone.
Type III collagen goes hand in hand with type I collagen and is found in the dermis and in vital organs.
On the other hand, type IV collagen is responsible for composing layers of tissues in the skin, characterized by being tight and resistant to tears.

A deficiency of collagen in the body manifests itself through premature aging of the skin, loss of strength in muscles, ligaments and tendons, increased risk of contracting osteoporosis and a general weakening of connective tissue.
Over the years, the connective tissue begins to soften and lose tone. This can be evidenced in the wrinkles that develop on the skin, especially on the face and décolleté areas. The breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis (corium) means that the skin has lost elasticity. These consequences are the result of the normal aging process.

Some skin cells can be stimulated to produce collagen, such as elastin and some special enzymes that are necessary to improve the skin's structure. This process, which takes place on the walls of the small blood vessels, has a firming effect on the skin and promotes the absorption of oxygen and detoxification of the same. Both the moisturizing of the skin and its moisture storage function are improved in this process. Furthermore, the regeneration and reproduction of healthy skin is greatly increased.
This process and the reinforcement of the collagen network can be carried out by light waves that are in the area of 633 nm.

Anti-aging lamp
The performance of the Collagen Plus 10 tube has been specially designed for solariums and takes effect at 633nm. This is important because it helps stimulate collagen in the dermis, smoothing lines and wrinkles.
This is not an ultraviolet process nor is it a laser, it is a PHOTOTHERAPY!!!!
It takes time for the structure of your skin to improve. The Collagen Plus 10 treatment should last at least 8 weeks. Initial exposure should be no more than 10 minutes per day and should only be increased to a maximum of 20 minutes.
The increase in the development of new fibers is not the only result of activating skin cells.
The skin looks smoother and fresher. Dark circles disappear, pores shrink, your skin looks smoother and some blemishes cease to exist. Both the ability of the skin to heal itself and the regeneration of cells are considerably improved.

Collagen Plus 10 Anti-Aging Lamp
Timeles Therapy
Treatment Level 10: Revitalization and Protection
3-4 weeks
The skin will be supplied with energy and light within a wavelength of 633 nm. The metabolism will be activated, the skin detoxified, the skin structure will improve and it will be protected from environmental disturbances.
Especially in this type of treatment, the well-being of the skin is significantly increased and its appearance is improved.

Therapy duration per session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Increase to: 15-20 minutes

Treatment Level 20: Repair, regeneration and cleaning
5-7 weeks
The healing process of the inflamed and impure skin is accelerated. The skin looks fresher, healthier and cleaner. Patients notice an improvement in skin moisture as well as a pleasant feeling of relaxation throughout the body.

Therapy duration per session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Will increase: 15-20 minutes

Treatment Level 30: Toning and Firming
8-10 weeks
The collagen structure of the skin will be toned so that the skin immediately firms up. As a requirement to eliminate cellulite, it is necessary for the skin to recover firmness and elasticity.
Likewise, lines and wrinkles, especially those on the face, will be stylized and as a consequence the natural signs of aging will diminish.

Therapy duration per session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Increase to: 15-20 minutes

Post-treatment recommendations: Treat once or twice a week. The exposure must be in accordance with the requirements and personal well-being. The results of the treatments depend on each individual type of skin, lifestyle or the supplementary substances used in addition to the treatments.

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