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Tubes Collagen 120W - Tubes Collagen - Cosmedico
Tube of collagen. Turn your sunbed on a machine that rejuvenates the skin of your customers.


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Tubes Collagen 120W


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The connective tissue operates as a communications network of our body. Such tissue is composed of cells and extra cellular matrix (ECM). This matrix consists largely of collagen (structural proteins), fibers which give shape and elasticity, proteins without collagen, the basic substance and water. The connective tissue is interlaced in the shape of a network, operating as a resilient diaphragm, and as a supporting tissue between cells, organs, parts of organs, skins, bones, walls of blood vessels, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
The connective tissue is vital for the body, and acts as:
• Support system
• System Connection
• Protection system
• System of Information
• Transport system
• Water Supply system

Collagen is an integral part of the connective tissue. This is composed of extremely fine fibers and interwoven to compose a three-dimensional network whose length and thickness are measured by a nanometer
Quantitatively speaking, the type I collagen is the most important agency. This type can be found in the dermis, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, and bones.
Type III collagen goes hand in hand with the type I collagen and is found in the dermis and in the vital organs.
On the other hand, collagen type IV is the one in charge of composing layers of tissue in the skin, characterized by being tight and resistant to tears .

A deficiency of collagen in the body is manifested through the premature aging of the skin, loss of strength in muscles, ligaments and tendons, to increase the risk of developing osteoporosis and in a widespread weakening of the connective tissue.
With the passing of the years the connective tissue passes to soften and lose its tonicity. This can be evidenced in the wrinkles that develop on the skin, especially in the areas of the face and on the neckline. The degradation of collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis (corium) means that the skin has lost elasticity. These consequences are a result of the normal aging process.

Some skin cells can be stimulated to produce collagen, like elastin and certain enzymes special that are necessary to improve the structure of the skin. This process, which takes place in the walls of small blood vessels, has a firming effect on the skin and promotes the absorption of oxygen and detoxification of the same. Both moisturizing the skin as its function of storage of moisture are improved in this process. Moreover, the regeneration and the reproduction of healthy skin increase noticeably.
This process and the reinforcement of the collagen network can be carried out by light waves that are in the area of 633 nm.

Lamp Anti-Aging
The performance of the tube Collagen Plus 10 has been specially designed for solariums and effect of the 633nm. This is important because it helps to stimulate the collagen in the dermis, smoothing lines and wrinkles.
This is not a process of ultraviolet nor a laser is a PHOTOTHERAPY!!!!
It takes time for the structure of your skin improves. The treatment of Collagen Plus 10 should last at least 8 weeks. The initial exposure should be no more than 10 minutes per day and should be increased only to a maximum of 20 minutes.
The increase in the development of new fibers is not the only result of activating the cells of the skin.
The skin looks more smooth and fresh. The dark circles disappear, pores shrink, your skin looks more soft and some imperfections cease to exist. Both the ability that has the skin to heal as the regeneration of cells improve significantly.

Collagen Plus 10 Anti-Aging Lamp
Tímeles Therapy
Treatment Level 10 : Revitilization and Protection
3-4 weeks
The skin will be covered of energy and light within a wavelength of 633 nm. The metabolism will be activated, the skin is detoxified, the skin's structure will improve and it will be protected from perturbations of the environment.
Especially in this type of treatment, the wellness of the skin increases significantly, and your appearance improves.

Duration of the therapy session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Increase: 15-20 minutes

Treatment Level 20: Repair, regeneration and cleaning
5-7 weeks
The process of curing the inflamed skin and impure accelerates. The skin looks more fresh, healthy and clean. Patients notice an improvement in the wetting of the skin as well as a pleasant feeling of relaxation throughout the body.

Duration of the therapy session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Increase: 15-20 minutes

Treatment Level 30: Toning and Firming
8-10 weeks
The structure of collagen of the skin will be toned so that immediately the skin is reaffirmed. As a requirement to remove the cellulite in necessary for the skin to recover firmness and elasticity.
Also, the lines and wrinkles, especially those of the face, are going to be stylish and as a consequence the signs of aging will diminish.

Duration of the therapy session:
Initial dose: 10 minutes
Increase: 15-20 minutes

Recommendations post-treatment: Treated one or two times a week. The exposure should be in accordance to the requirements and personal well-being. The results of the treatments depend on each individual type of skin, style of life or of the substances of supplementary used in complement to the treatments.

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