Tanning Equipment

In Sunmarket, you can find and buy the professional or domestic solarium you need, we have a wide range of solariums of the most important international brands Ergoline, Luxura, Hapro, Megasun, Q-Med, UWE ..., in our catalog we have Vertical solariums, horizontal solariums and facial solariums.


  • Professionals Solariums

    Professional tanning of leading international brands, which guarantee a Tan fast, safe and convenient to their customers. The best tanning market, high quality and European manufacture. Let yourself be advised by a team of professionals that is at your service since 2002. A machine of UV RAYS in its Center, is the best option to monetize a small space. Professional tanning: Ergoline, Megasun, UWE, Hapro, Alisun, Q-Med

  • Home Tanning

    Hapro home tanning collection, will get a tanned skin in a relaxing and well-being within the comfort of your own home. Both in home and tanning salons professionals, Hapro has been providing the best equipment for years. With a large variety of equipment bronzers for every taste and space. The solariums domestic Hapro offer optimal flexibility and comfort. In other words: you can get a tan, vital in the privacy of your home at any time. With solariums domestic Hapro, you will feel completely recharged and full of energy. The most innovative technology in your home at your fingertips, since we provide all kinds of tanning devices, adapted to different functions, features, and prices low or high range. You choose.

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